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Accessing alarm system remotely enhances home or office security

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It is now possible to use a smart phone to activate and control one’s security alarm system from anywhere, provided the phone has an internet connection, utilising Safeguard’s Smart Home system.


The alarm can be switched on or off, using the phone. Particular zones can be armed or disarmed. The electric gate can be opened and closed.


If a householder is away but wants to allow somebody access to the property, such as an electrician or a neighbour who has been asked to feed a pet, the app on the phone can be used to open the gate and disarm the alarm or the section of the house that the person needs access to. Afterwards the alarm can be switched back on in the same way and the gate be opened to let the person out.


These are just some of the features of the Smart Home system. It can also be used to switch lights or the television on or off, giving the impression the house is occupied when nobody is there.


“Your phone becomes your alarm keypad. You can switch the alarm on or off or isolate sections of the house you do not want to be armed using your phone,” explained Safeguard Alarms managing director Reason Chitiva.


“You can do this while you are in the house, while walking to your car, while you are at work or even while you are on holiday on the other side of the world, so long as you have an internet connection,” he said.


The system consists of a Safeguard Smart-Home module connected to the alarm system and a smart phone app. A Wi-Fi internet connection at the alarmed premises and internet access on the phone are also required.


The Smart Home system is easy to install and configure. It can be installed in offices as well as residential premises.


When it has been set up, users can download the Safeguard Smart Home application onto their smart phone or tablet. They then select the commands they wish to use from a predefined list.


When the alarm system is triggered, it sends notifications and alerts to the user’s smart phone or tablet.


It also sends notifications when the alarm system has been activated or deactivated. This is particularly useful when, for example, the office alarm has been deactivated outside normal hours and one needs to trace who has deactivated it.


Safeguard rapid response customers can also use the app to trigger fire and medical alarms. Safeguard has direct links with ambulance services and the fire service.


The ambulance service, which in Harare and Victoria Falls is Ace Air and Ambulance, attends medical emergencies at premises linked to Safeguard’s rapid response service without requiring any payment or medical aid card from the customer.

“Any function that can be carried out on our alarm keypad can be carried out remotely on a smart phone, if the Safeguard Smart Home system is in place and the system’s app has been downloaded onto the phone.


“Additional actions, such as switching on lights and opening the gate can also be performed if the lights, gate and other appliances are connected to the Smart Home system.


“The system gives you control over your alarm system no matter where you are, enhancing your home or office security,” Mr Chitiva said

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