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Activista Hosts Provincial Conference to spearhead development


By Tendai Guvamombe

Activista Zimbabwe hosted its provincial conferences across the country and the Harare chapter set the tone by hosting its provincial conference in the capital at Batanai Gardens amid developmental programmes set to roll in the new year.

The youth movement is operational across the national provinces and the Harare chapter set the tone on the way forward.

Speaking at the occasion Alfred Towo, Activista Public Relations Representative for Harare Province said the conference was aimed at evaluating 2018 events and setting developmental agendas for 2019.

“As a youth movement we championed a number of programs in 2018 which need evaluation, taking stock of our hits, misses which also calls for an in-depth analysis of our strengths and weaknesses and at the same time come up with our 2019 work-plan that we are going to marry with a clear ideology and develop narratives to drive our agenda,” he said.

The youth initiative is the platform where youth work in solidarity through mobilisation and campaigning at local and international levels.

“We are working to empower young women and men to have voices and actively participate in decision making on issues that affect their lives,” Towo added.

Gender sensitivity, poverty, economy and entrepreneurship were among topical issues discussed at the conference.

Participants took the opportunity to express their views and sentiments on various issues affecting their daily livelihoods.

Sheryl Chigwedere  Activista Harare Provincial Coordinator said the movement is closely working with other associate organizations.

“The platform has been networking with other partnerships the likes of Youth for Peace and Development (Y4PD) and Youth for Youths by Youths (YYY),” she said.

Abigail Ndooka, Legal practitioner and Advocacy manager for Global Shapers Harare Hub who attended the event urged all youths to be more active when dealing with crucial matters affecting their lives.

“We need inclusion of stakeholders in the government, for this to be successful youth must be executors and implementers for the year 2019,”

The movement is part of Action Aid International (AAI)’s Global Youth Network (GYN) involving more than 250 partners with thousands of volunteers in more than 25 countries.

What is Activista? Who is an Activista?

Activista is Action Aid’s global youth network/social movement involving more than 50 ActionAid partners and volunteers that is bringing forth visible change and transformation thereby contributing to inclusion, social justice, and sustainable peace. Its presence in Zimbabwe was marked by the launch of Activista Zimbabwe in 2016 as a means to provide unique possibilities and opportunities for youth to engage in the fight against social injustices such as poverty, unemployment and corruption at the same time escalating already existing and new youth led development programs in Zimbabwe and on a global scale. Activista Zimbabwe has Provincial representation in the 10 Provinces across the nation including the metropolitan provinces of Harare and Bulawayo.


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