Address political, social and economic challenges: Prophet Acelimo Magaya

Bishop Magaya

By Miriam Zvomuya and Gideon Madzikatidze

The Zimbabwe Divine Destiny Executive Director, Bishop Ancelimo Magaya has urged the government of Zimbabwe to urgently arrest socio-economic and political decay.

The clergyman said it was clear the government was incapacitated and performing worse than the previous Mugabe administration.

Speaking at a press conference in Harare yesterday, Bishop Ancelimo Magaya reminded the government of its obligation to fulfill the promises to the electorate.

The promises include addressing unemployment and prioritising poverty alleviation. He said to the contrast, Zanu PF is becoming a liability to the nation and economy with less willingness to provide immediate solutions.

Magaya said, “The government of Zimbabwe should repent from all the evil works it has done. Zanu PF as a ruling party in government has dismally performed and most of its strokes are misfiring in driving the economy.

“The leadership of ZANU PF has become a liability costing the nation’s opportunities for growth and development. We call on the President and his partners to repent from the sins they are committing.”

He likened the present government with an old wine skin that cannot contain new wine in that the President hints at advancing a new culture but a new culture but acting in the opposite.

Bishop Magaya urged government to urgently attend to the economic challenges that have besieged this country.

“It is not the fault of a vendor but it is the fault of the government that has mismanaged the country. Hospitals and pharmacies are unable to access drugs owing to shortage of foreign currency. The lives of those living with HIV and Hypertension drug patients are at risk as they cannot access drugs yet our leaders fly in and out of foreign countries to seek medication.”

The man of cloth said the sanctity of life is no longer a priority in our nation as the rampant killing of unarmed citizens have become commonplace.

‘The commission of inquiry should be accountable to God who weighs the intention of every heart and is the supreme judge over all things. As the church we gain warn seriously the state president and the entire system that regardless of any smokescreen embellishments, innocent blood will always cry before God,” added Bishop Magaya.

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