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African Development Bank Backs Mozambique with $33 Million for Food Security and Climate Resilience

African Development Bank
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In a significant move to bolster food security and climate resilience in Mozambique, the African Development Bank (AfDB) has committed $33 million to support agricultural and meteorological initiatives in the region. This investment, approved by the AfDB’s board in January, is part of a larger $150 million program co-financed with the Mozambican government and other partners to develop agri-food value chains and connect production centers with markets.

Agricultural Productivity and Job Creation

The funds will primarily be used to increase agricultural productivity, reduce post-harvest losses, and improve livelihoods by generating jobs and enhancing incomes within the agricultural sector. The AfDB’s representative in Mozambique, Cesar Augusto Mba Abogo, highlighted that the investment would finance projects enhancing nutrition and promoting value chains for poultry, maize, and soya production. This support is expected to assist at least 58,000 producers.

Mozambique’s agricultural sector faces significant challenges due to climate change, which severely impedes productivity. The country experiences annual floods and tropical cyclones, with the 2018/2019 season being particularly devastating, resulting in 714 deaths.

Meteorological Radars and Early Warning Systems

Recognizing the urgent need to mitigate the impact of climate change, part of the AfDB’s investment will facilitate the installation of meteorological radars in Nacala and Xai-Xai. These radars will establish early warning systems for climate events, supplementing an existing radar in Beira. By providing accurate and timely weather information, these radars will help farmers make informed decisions about planting, harvesting, and other agricultural activities, thereby reducing their vulnerability to climate-related risks.

Abogo emphasized the importance of private sector involvement in agriculture, stating that “encouraging private investment in the agricultural sector is crucial for increasing productivity, creating jobs, and improving food security.” The AfDB’s investment is expected to catalyze further investment in the sector, fostering economic growth and development in Mozambique.

As Mozambique grapples with the dual challenges of food insecurity and climate change, the AfDB’s investment represents a beacon of hope for the country’s farmers and its broader agricultural sector. With enhanced agricultural productivity, improved nutrition, and stronger climate resilience, Mozambique can look forward to a more prosperous and sustainable future.

Strengthening Resilience and Building a Better Future

The AfDB’s commitment to supporting Mozambique’s agricultural sector and building climate resilience reflects a broader trend of international cooperation in addressing the global challenges of food security and climate change. As the lines between technology and humanity continue to blur, innovative solutions and collaborative efforts will play an increasingly vital role in shaping a more resilient and equitable world.

In the cacophony of war cries and the din of political discord, the AfDB’s investment serves as a reminder that human endurance and hope persist amidst adversity. In Mozambique, as in countless other communities around the globe, the eternal dance of humanity with mortality continues, with new steps being learned and new possibilities emerging.

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In Mozambique, the African Development Bank’s investment in food security and climate resilience represents a critical step forward in this ongoing journey. As we continue to navigate the complexities of our interconnected world, let us remain steadfast in our commitment to uncovering the stories that matter, and to sharing them with the depth, nuance, and humanity they deserve.

Source: BNN

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