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African Renaissance Sustainable Development publication to spotlight green economy

Nehemiah Chipato, founder of African Renaissance Sustainable Development
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Renowned philanthropist, and avid student of environmental issues focusing on climate change resilience, Nehemiah Chipato is set to launch a second publication on the green economy ahead of COP28 to be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Chipato, who is the founder of African Renaissance Sustainable Development has organised annual climate change events around the country and believes the upcoming publication will be the right platform to share information on the green economy.

“The publication recognises that climate emergency has grown beyond the choices that any individual can make in isolation. It has a huge footprint— and not just on the planet. It touches nearly every facet of our existence, breaking barriers of race and culture. This multidisciplinary reach has the ability to not only alter conversations within areas of research but also to encourage dialogue among them. It is in our best interest to encourage consideration of climate change across disciplines so as to draw as many voices and perspectives into the conversation as possible.

“It is against this background that I got the inspiration to put together a second publication on the green economy in the form of a magazine. The magazine is going to be a compendium of initiatives that African nationals are currently doing to complement Agenda 2063 and the UN SDGs efforts in improving food security and stimulating adaptive, mitigation strategies against the negative impact of climate change and value addition. We will also spotlight African nationals on their commitment to adaptation, mitigation, value addition, and sustainable climate empowerment,” Chipato said.

Africa continues to experience the effects of climate change as evidenced by floods, droughts, erratic rainfall patterns, socio-economic problems, and negative impacts on livelihoods. There is a need to reduce vulnerabilities to climate change as well as harness the economic growth opportunities that result from effective climate adaptation.

The Green Economy publication will inspire bold actions towards diversity and inclusivity. It will share strategic insights with practical takeaways; and a commitment to a paradigm shift on sustainable climate finance systems, realigning climate cultures, restoring nature, or tackling social inequality – transformation with a clear vision of building more equitable carbon economy and effective climate leadership.


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