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All set for Disabilities Expo


By Tatenda Mujeyi

All is set for the National Disabilities Expo scheduled for the Bulawayo City Hall from the 31st of July to the 2nd of August under the hashtag disability is open for inclusive investments.

Zimbabwe Disability Expos were introduced in 2012 “seek to explore the untold stories  of people with disabilities and we are thinking of big business for such people,” Advisor in the Office of the President on Disability Issues Dr. Joshua T Malinga said.

“The Expo was born in 2012  as a means to explore the untold stories experienced by the disabled with the aim to create a special platform that brings about inclusivity at every level and stage,” The National Disability Expo Chairperson Raudy Mabhaudhi said.

The Conference seeks to tackle the stigma experienced by the various groups of people with disabilities as well as advocate for change and explore the successes of the such people.

“Disability is a hidden issue and this conference will allow us to lobby for the disabled to create a database for development. This is a call to raise awareness on our plight. The issue of stigmatisation and victimisation of the people with disabilities will be topical,” Dr. Malinga said.

“The expo will also offer training  to interested attendees in braille language and sign language to cut the communication barriers.”

The Conference will also explore the contribution that people with disabilities can make to realise the success of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“We are thinking big business for people with disabilities as we think they should be centralised in the socio-economic, political, cultural processes and in turn contribute to the attainment of SDGs and Vision 2030,” Dr Malinga added.

This year’s Expo will run under the theme “Ensuring Inclusion of Persons with disability through innovation and technology.”

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