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Amnesty International Zimbabwe: Board uncovers fraudulent activities


Following an extensive and comprehensive forensic audit carried out by a reputable international audit firm, the Amnesty International Zimbabwe Board (AIZ Board) has uncovered evidence of serious fraud and financial mismanagement by individuals in Amnesty International Zimbabwe.

In response to these findings, the AIZ Board has notified the appropriate national law enforcement agencies and commenced the legal process of civil recovery in order to recoup lost funds.

“The gravity of these audit findings cannot be overestimated, and we are naturally pursuing every avenue to recover the proceeds of misconduct,” said an Amnesty International Zimbabwe spokesperson.

“We will work hand in glove with the authorities and provide full assistance to any subsequent investigation and prosecution to ensure that any individual found to have been involved in misconduct is held to account through criminal and civil proceedings.”

As soon as the alleged fraud came to light, the AIZ Board commissioned a comprehensive forensic external audit to investigate all related allegations. They also implemented urgent financial risk management measures to ensure anti-fraud and corruption procedures were in place and adhered to.

“The steps that we have implemented will help ensure that this situation does not happen again,” said an Amnesty International Zimbabwe spokesperson.

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Byron Adonis Mutingwende