Archbishop Ezekiel Guti’s death: Zimbabweans react

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Citizens are reacting differently as Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa (Forward in Faith) founder, Archbishop Ezekiel Handinawangu Guti has died aged 100 years old.

ZAOGA national executive chairman, Dr Joel Guti yesterday confirmed the passing on of the leader of one of Zimbabwe’s biggest indigenous churches, with branches spread across the globe.

Moses Ziyambi, commenting on his Facebook page, said the strength of the church ZAOGA, the integrity, and godliness of its surviving senior leaders will now be tested for the first time through one benchmark: how succession is handled.

“I hope there is a clear plan and a binding constitution. RIP Ezekiel H. Guti. A great man indeed,” Ziyambi said.

Another member commenting on the same platform by the name Tichatonga Nzekete said Baba Guti’s greatest gift was not in prophesying but preaching. He said the late religious leader was a very gifted Preacher who made the message of God so simple.
Nzekete says in modern-day Christianity, there is so much pressure on Church followers wanting to be blessed with quick riches and prophecies of money but Archbishop Guti resisted all that temptation to change his Doctrine that was based on very natural Gospel.
Nzekete praised Baba Guti for creating Churches in places that didn’t know about God.
“Some of us became better people because of his preachings. If you married in ZAOGA there is a high chance that you married well. He introduced a system called “Matarenda”. The system was meant to encourage women to come together and work hard. Tichikura taitoziva kuti kumba kwaCoordinator, Elder kana muDeacon kunofana kumwiwa tea inemukaka nechingwa chineMargarine. I emulated good things from my ZAOGA family members. That is the church that shaped almost everything I do in life because almost everyone around me went there, especially those from my maternal family members. They called them “Matarenda mutsvairo” meaning that’s a way to clean poverty,” Nzekete said.
He added that Dr. Guti introduced “China chemadzimai” and those with ears learned a lot from it. He introduced Fasting programme that is well known in Zimbabwe at the beginning of every year for 10 days.
Keith Mawoyo, a Pastor, Radio and Television presenter, and business executive said following the death of Dr. Guti, he weeps because he wonders if the kind of Christianity led by the late leader will ever be found again.
“Professor Ezekiel Guti, Dr. Myles Munroe…I miss this kind of Christianity. I look at our generation and all I see are gifted people without character. I see ambitions, money-hungry manipulators, liars, backbiters, and attention seekers. Can anyone credibly step into the shoes of these two men in the picture? I am surely not worthy. We are not worthy. I am filled with sorrow today, our priorities have changed. We have mistaken popularity for impact,” Mawoyo said.