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Arthur Marara challenges medical doctors to get out of comfort zones

Arthur Marara

By Catherine Mureombedzi

“Personal branding is a choice, no one is coming to do that for you…”

“I am a lawyer, it is quite exciting and intimidating to stand before you, medical doctors, females. In my work, the most difficult aspect is leaving a client behind. As a lawyer, the client/lawyer privilege, encourages a client to speak,” said Mr. Marara, speaking at the Zimbabwe Women Doctors Association ( ZWDA) Beauty and Wellness Day in Harare on Saturday.

“I have not been brilliant with English, at O Leve, l got a C, but here I am today, teaching and writing books. I am a product of a vegetable vendor – my hardworking mother. She did not sit and weep that my husband has died. She worked and educated us all. My dad died when I was 13.

“My dream was to build a house for my mother. I have completed that dream. Let us remember the hands that made us when we have been successful later in life. All of you can be a brand. I also take time to thank my wife. She has been supportive and continues to be, thank you Mrs. Marara.

“I want to inspire people, I want domains to look at me and say ‘He helped shape me….’ I will briefly talk about products that have become brands. These were made brands by people, they worked to achieve that.
Recall the time when Mazoe was altered and contained less sugar. Those who love the product all cried:
“We want our sugar back in Mazoe, we know what we want.”
Mazoe is a brand by a man who named it after his bae, she was called Mazoe.
Mazoe is so sought after, travelling abroad, you are asked to bring Mazoe.

“Another brand is Colgate, any toothpaste locally is called Colgate. Made by a reverend, who initially gave 10% and by the time he died, he donated half of the proceeds, 50%.

“Local scouring powder is called Vim, why? It made a name for itself to overshadow everything in the scouring market.

“Cobra, wax polish, even if someone has any polishing cream it’s still called Cobra.

“Surf is a long-lasting brand, every washing powder is Surf.

“Coke is a household name, any drink is called Coke. A Dr who wanted to help people with drug addiction came up with Coke. Since 1886, this product remains powerful, with most soft drinks called Coke.

” The new baby, Cascade juice has claimed its space too,” he educated raising awareness on brand creation.

Mr. Marara urged the doctors to make a name and create a brand.

“Go out, make coalitions, big names today started from somewhere, they were small but today, are brands in the medical arena,” he encouraged the young doctors.

ZWDA was founded in 2019 and today grows as a mentorship and safe space for women doctors.

“What makes you stand out? In the legal space, we have 2 000 lawyers, our economy is not growing to absorb such a number. To make it, make yourself a brand. Abroad we can all be working for one law firm, but here we are, carve your niche. Doctors, like lawyers, we can’t advertise. Our work must speak to get the market share.

“Get to learn from someone who inspires you. As lawyers, we hold Summer school, a time to network and learn. Lawyers are called “learned” yet they have to keep learning every day. Be a good Dr, people are going to India for treatment, they will still come back to you as their Doctor.

Who is talking about you?
Decisions are made in your absence.
‘There is only one thing in life, worse than being talked about, its not being talked about,’ Oscar Wilde.
What people say about you, makes you a brand.

Power of personal excellence, excellence opens doors.
Excellence is a choice, it demands responsibility, hold yourself accountable to a higher standard.
Choose to do what is hard!! People want to achieve success by doing what is effortless, really?

In 1962, John Kennedy challenged America
“We chose to go to the moon” It was not easy, it was a challenge, they did it.

Today, we have tremendous potential to grow. Make learning a habit. Get out of your comfort zones.

Motto: ‘The Best or Nothing’
It’s a brand for people who afford, not for people who have no fuel, yet service stations have plenty fuel.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle.
So do it time and again, repeat it, and make it a habit.

“Medicine is a calling, a profession, and a business. Make yourself a brand, and work on excellence for financial wellness, and financial freedom. I love God, the Old Testament is so rich. Life is all about seasons, when you are in your best season, prepare for your worst season.

“That is being organised. Joseph in 7 years of plenty, looked beyond, he prepared for 7 years of drought. Get out of your comfort zone.”

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