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Artist publishes Afro themed colouring book


Kundai Marunya

Arts Correspondent

Local graffiti artist cum writer Hennings Masikati has published an African themed children colouring book.

African themed colouring book

This comes upon the realisation that most colouring books are Eurocentric with figures from popular television animations such as Cinderella, Kung Fu Panda and Barbie.

Masikati said he is trying to impart African traditional cultural values in children.

“Growing up our parents most of whom were raised in rural areas imparted in us different traditional values like never to stand when elders are seated.

“Children these days are Eurocentric because of their day to day interactions with different Medias including literature. My book then teaches our traditional values, animals available in the country as well as things we find at traditional rural homes,” said Masikati.

Some of the figures to be coloured in the book include baboons, cattle, three legged pots, clay pots and traditional huts. All the figures are titled in three languages.

“I just wanted to remind children who they are, teach them our culture. I used our three main languages which are English, Shona and Ndebele so that while enjoying colouring, children can also learn another language,” said Masikati.

Masikati is a famed graffiti artist who has worked with the Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA), Shoko Festival and British Council doing wall murals.

As a writer he has published inspirational quotes online with the hope of printing them into a book in the next few months.

“My next book will be ‘Wisdom In A Nutshell’ which will be published in the next couple of months. It’s a physical version of my blog Faith Quotes which is quite popular,” said Masikati.

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