Author Anesu Masvaure reaches out to Alpha Cottage Orphanage

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As part of her philanthropic work, the author of the Christian book, “Hearing The Voice of God”, Anesu Masvaure, has pledged to give 10 percent of her book sales to the Alpha Cottage Orphanage based in Masvingo.

Speaking to this publication in an interview, Masvaure said she has a soft heart for the emancipation of the girl child hence her decision to assist the Alpha Cottage Orphanage with 10 percent of the revenue from the sales of her book.

“I chose Alpha Cottage Orphanage because it looks after a majority of orphaned girls who often endure more hardships. The girl child in a patriarchal society is often disadvantaged when it comes to access to basic services. Even when a girl child lives in a family with both parents, priority for education and other necessities is often given to the boy child.

“To bridge the gap and ameliorate the challenges that the girl child faces, I have decided to direct 10 percent of the revenue from the sales of my book to the orphanage so that the money will go a long way in trying to meet the orphaned girl child’s needs including access to educational stationery and sanitary wear,” Masvaure said.

The book is enjoying a wide readership in Africa and across the globe. Hard copies sell for US$15 while the soft copy is going for US$10.

The celebrated author is appealing for help to import more copies of the book to be distributed in schools, orphanages, churches, hospitals, and prisons among others.

One of the readers of the book who reached out to this publication, Edeline Matangira, said the book changed her life.

“This book came as a saviour when I was to give up on life due to challenges I faced. I considered myself as someone who had made wrong decisions in life and there would be no salvation. When I read the book “Hearing the Voice of God”, I learned that everyone has an opportunity to speak to God and hear his voice.

“The Voice of God is in the Bible and I encourage everyone to read this book because it gives guidance on how one can restore a good relationship with God,” Matangira said.

Jiang Jiaqi, a Chinese national who read the book, promised to share it with colleagues in Zimbabwe and China as a way of preaching the Word of God.

“After reading the book, I bought 10 copies that I distributed to my friends in Zimbabwe and China. I will buy more copies and I encourage others to do the same because the book is loaded with wisdom and preaches to everyone so that our relationship with God is good,” Jiang said.