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Author Precious Haparimwi launches book “Sentiments of the Brave”

Precious Haparimwi
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Gifted author, Precious Haparimwi launches her book “Sentiments of the Brave” tomorrow 2 December 2023 at the Members Club housed at the popular events venue, Jamtree, in Mt Pleasant, Harare starting at 1 o’clock in the afternoon.

The theme for the book launch is “Celebrating life through literary appreciation.”  There will be a raffle draw and many other activities to entertain guests.

Precious Haparimwi is the sole writer of the book ‘Sentiments of the Brave.’ Precious is a social advocate whose main area of expertise has been women and youth development.
She is a multilingual fluent speaker and writer of English, her native language Shona and she specialized in Germany as a foreign language among other languages.
Precious attended study programs in her home country Zimbabwe, Germany, and Austria where she also gained vast experience in anthropology through the diversity of cultures.
Professionally, she has worked for an American-founded agency which has widened her scope in understanding varied work and value systems. Apart from her passion as a writer, it is also her acquired knowledge of culture, interactions, and human experience that triggered her zeal to write.
Sentiments of the Brave is a story of giving hope. It is predominantly a tale of two women, one expresses herself to the writer in the form of a letter, while the writer puts pen and paper together for the world to read.
The story mainly revolves around Hope, and partly about Agony, Two women have gone through life experiences just like any other person. They symbolise the typical woman living in a somewhat archaic society governed by norms and expectations regardless of semantic changes and diversity surrounding human nature.
The story depicts trials and triumphs associated with being human. The writer gives us a second-person narrative, airing out her opinions on her fellow women’s narrations.
In some instances, she gets to relate Hope’s situation to her own. This is a story of courage determination, endurance, and embracing mankind regardless of differences.
At the book launch, stalls are available and corporations can come and showcase their products and services. Guests are encouraged to bring their banners and advertising material. It is a networking opportunity. Snacks and drinks are available. To RSVP, call, text, or send a WhatsApp Message to +263776 989 845.

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