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Back-to-school shot in the arm as Dost Eli donates to Darwendale students

Adam Wadi poses with children who received a donation of shoes from Dost Eli

One good turn deserves another, the adage goes, and this was put into action when Dost Eli of Turkey descended on Darwendale with yet another extended giving hand that targeted children of school-going age and disadvantaged families in the area.

Adam Wadi, the Zimbabwe Trustee and Representative of Dost Eli said the gesture of benevolence could not have come at any better opportune time than now considering that it is this moment when most families are facing acute food shortages and have obligations to pay school fees for children.

“As Dost Eli, we always put the welfare of the needy people on top of our priorities in community interventions. We are aware that it’s been more than eight months since the last harvest. This is the time that the food is finished in most families, and January comes with it many obligations, especially the need for school fees.

“Many students will be starting new grades at school. Apart from school fees, the students need uniforms, shoes, and food. For that reason, Dost Eli donated an assortment of shoes, including school shoes. We gave the shoes to more than 100 children in Darwendale. As has been our custom over the years, we also identified needy families that we blessed with some food hampers,” Wadi said.

Makaita Bisalomo, a 29-year-old mother of three from Darwendale expressed her gratitude to Dost Eli for their kind gesture.

“I sincerely thank Dost Eli for the donation of shoes and food. To be honest, my three children will be in school this January, next week to be specific, but I had only managed to raise school fees for them. I assigned the local tailor to make uniforms for them but there was no money for shoes. Dost Eli was sent by God to fulfill this need,” Bisalomo said.

An elderly man living in the area, Benson Katsvamutima (75), said the donation of food by Dost Eli saved him from possible starvation.

“I lost my wife and biological children hence now depend on well-wishers for survival. I express my heartfelt gratitude to Dost Eli for putting food on the table for me. The world needs such benevolent people to take care of disadvantaged people like me,” Katsvamutima said.

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Byron Adonis Mutingwende