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Beer imbibers form own church in Bindura

Imbibers attending a church service in Bindura

By Lloyd Rabaya

In what might seem an unorthodox development, a group of Bindura imbibers has resorted to forming their own church after other churches gifted them nothing but bigotry.

The church, which allows congregants to bring their alcohol to worship centres but to consume it after the service, has since reached a membership of about 80 in less than a month.

Ziva Mwari Congregation Church, just like all other Christian churches, reads the Holy Bible and allows everyone to be part of them including call-girls and sorcerers.

Speaking to this publication, the Church’s founding leader Mr. Richard Twabi said they are not as stringent as other churches in terms of dressing and behavior among others but are more concerned with praising God, which is the ultimate goal.

“We do not have strict rules in our church and even hookers are also welcome because we all know that there is God who needs to be praised. Our service is one hour and nobody is allowed to drink during the service,” he said.

Every Sunday service, the church invites leaders from known churches to preach the gospel to them and after the service, they can all go back to their ways.

At the moment, the church does not have a set hierarchy, hence the need to invite other church leaders to preach to them.

The church leader also extends his gratitude to the Bindura Nickel Corporation (BNC) management for providing them with premises to temporarily use as a church building.

As a way of giving back to the community, the church is also planning on doing philanthropic work.

Currently, the church consists of but is not limited to community members of the BNC mining compound.

“We would also want to thank BNC Management for rallying behind us as they gave us and authorized the church to use company premises for the church gatherings and as such we have vowed to help the community through charity work. It was formerly a beerhall but now it is a church,” he added.

Twabi is also very optimistic that the church will grow nationally or even attract a regional audience.

The church also has a WhatsApp group in which they send Bible verses each and every day.

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