Belax releases scorcher song “I pray”


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Rapper Belax has come up with a new Hip Hop song “I pray” which is a departure from the usual “diss” culture comm0n among that genre.

Hip Hop is becoming a popular genre among the youths and in Zimbabwe it is set to compete with Zim Dancehall. Music critic and journalist, Jonathan Mbiriyamveka, praised Belanz for cutting a new leaf among the upcoming young musicians.

“Most youngsters sing about themselves: how they acquire new cars and wear the trendiest fashion clothes, how they attract many girlfriends and how they fix their adversaries. In a melodious voice, Belax acknowledges that he has got enemies BUT instead of fighting or revenging, he prays for his enemies. That’s a new culture that we want as a nation because it is in line with call for national peace and reconciliation,” Mbiriyamveka said.

Belax’s real name is Takudzwa Pete Machimbirike. He was born on March 6 2003 and grew up in Mabelreign, Harare. He was nicknamed Belax after amassing a series of mixtapes in 2017, known professionally as Belax. He  is a Zimbabwean trapper, singer and songwriter. Known for his eccentric vocal style and fashion, he first received attention for collaboration with Ti Gonz which he was assisted by Nissi Ganye. Belax was supported by his Father Peter Machimbirike, mom and his producer Bilberry.

Song facts about I pray

Vocalist Belax sings of an adversary on this hard-rocking number. Belax explained to his fans, “For me it triggers all the memories that I have in my life of people that have sort of become of enemies. I remember them.” I think Belax probably had someone specific in mind when he wrote this song, someone from his past especially people from his school.

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