Beteanberg on xenophobia

Celebrated South African group, Beatenberg has denounced xenophobia as a barbaric act by uncivilized South Africans.

This comes at a time when Zimbabwean locals have threatened a boycott on South African acts at the festival.

In an interview at the ongoing Harare International festival of the Arts (HIFA) the group said they represent a united Africa that tolerates co-existence.

“We are strongly against xenophobia. It is against our principles as a rain ball nation”, said one of the group’s members.

The group that was the festival favourites at the Jameson Victoria Fall Carnival last year said they wish their fellow nationals could build a spirit of oneness.

“The people who are violating fellow human beings living in South Africa do not represent South Africa as a nation.

“They are just a few barbaric individuals who are disguising their criminal activities under the hate of fellow human being who are more hard-working than they are,” said the group.

Meanwhile the group promised to give their best.

“If you do not have our ticket go ahead and get one now and we promise you, it will be worth your while,” they said.

Beatenberg will perform tonight at 7pm at the Zol Mainstage.