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Budget consultations: public urged to provide researched submissions

Public hearing on the 2023 budget

By Hillary Munedzi

Legislators are urging the public to give detailed figures that can be allocated to different ministries by researching the previous budgets before presenting their submissions to Parliament.

Speaking during the public hearing on Monday 3 October 2022 in Harare, the Portfolio Committee on Budget, Finance, Economic Development and Expanded Committee on Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDGs) chaired by Mutasa North MP, Hon Chido Mudiwa, Shamva North MP, Hon Oscar Gorerino emphasized on how public input is important to MPs in drafting the 2023 national budget.

“The public must be specific on the numbers and percentage of what needs to be allocated to a particular Ministry.

“So, we urge the public to research the previous budget before they present their submissions in public hearings. This helps us so that when we sit down, we will be able to know the percentage that needs to be allocated to various Ministries and bodies of Government,” said Hon Gorerino.

The public handed in their submissions for the 2023 national budget during the public hearing held at the Parliament of Zimbabwe in Harare. These range from prioritising and strengthening Early Child Development (ECD) to maternity, health and the current electricity challenges being faced in the country

“Scientific studies suggest that the first 1000 days in a child’s life in ECD is the time when their brain, body, and immune system grow and develop significantly. In Zimbabwe, there has been a downward trend in terms of the allocation of the budget and the Government should allocate 5 percent of the national budget to focus on ECD,” said Mr. Never Dhodho.

Hon Mudiwa who was chairing the public hearing committee said there is still time for the public to hand in their submissions through multiple channels.

“We still have an opportunity to hand in submissions. You can use our phone numbers or send via email and you can submit your submissions here in Parliament, especially those in Harare,” said Hon Mudiwa.

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