Bulilima District Councillors Take a Step Towards Improved Natural Resources Management


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In a significant move towards sustainable development and effective governance, Councilors from Bulilima District recently participated in a training workshop on natural resource management. Organized by Habakkuk Trust, the workshop aimed to empower Councilors with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage the district’s natural resources effectively.

Through interactive sessions and expert presentations, participants gained a deeper understanding of the importance of sustainable natural resource management and its impact on the district’s development.

Habakkuk Trust Information and Advocacy Officer, Dumisani Ncube, emphasized the importance of inclusive natural resource governance, stating that it is crucial for achieving sustainable development, peace, and prosperity.

“Inclusive natural resource governance is crucial for achieving sustainable development, peace, and prosperity. We must prioritize the needs and rights of all individuals, ensuring no one is left behind, in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and Zimbabwe’s Vision 2030.”

Bulilima District CEO, Billiat Mlauzi, urged Councilors to take action, saying: “We must develop bylaws that address the pertinent natural resourcerelated issues in our district. We must protect our conservation areas and ensure sustainable utilization of our natural resources for the benefit of our communities and future generations.”

Councilor Ngulani of Ward 2, who attended the workshop, expressed her gratitude to the Habakkuk Trust for the opportunity. “We are grateful for the knowledge and skills we acquired during the workshop. We are now better equipped to make informed decisions about our natural resources and ensure that they benefit our communities.”

The training will enable Councilors to effectively tackle challenges, address emerging natural resource-related management issues, and enhance conservation efforts. This will ultimately lead to the adoption of inclusive strategies in the formulation of bylaws, promoting sustainable development and improved livelihoods for local communities.

Located in south-western Zimbabwe, Bulilima District is endowed with rich natural resources, including forests, wildlife, thatch grass, wild fruit, and mineral deposits, which present opportunities for sustainable development. However, the district also faces challenges such as human-wildlife conflict, environmentally destructive mopane worm harvesting, and sand poaching.