CABS implicated in unfair labour practices


By Tatenda Mujeyi

The Central African  Building Society (CABS)  has been implicated in a case of unfair labour practices by the Zimbabwe  Bankers Allied Workers Union following  the expulsion of ZIBAWU workers committee Chairperson Pikirai Guvheya.

Pikirai Guvheya is alleged to have been fired following allegations of failing to follow banking procedures, charges that ZIBAWU feels are ‘frivolous and malicious’.

Pikirai, who was working at the Kamfinsa CABS branch, was only fired two months ago for accusations that he committed in 2016 while working at the CABS Murehwa branch.

“The case is frivolous and malicious as the charges laid against Pikirai were committed in 2016 while he was working in Murehwa and only to be fired three years after he had been transferred to the Kamfinsa CABS branch in Harare. These charges are frivolous and malicious” ZIBAWU Assistant organiser Paul Mutsatsa said.

It is ZIBAWUs case that in the expulsion of Pikirai Guvheya two months ago, CABS showed partiality as all other implicated workers from CABS were only given final warnings.

“In dismissing Pikirai Guvheya, CABS showed that they have no respect for workers’ rights and show that they have no respect for ZIBAWU as a workers rights body for the  bankers’ workers” Mutsatsa said.

“Pikirai’s charges are that he and his accomplices were taking Foreign Currency from the bank in 2016 as the rate was 1:1 against the USA dollar.”

By the time of going to print, CABS could not be reached for comment as their lines rang without answers.

ZIBAWU has said it will demonstrate at the Banks first Street branch until their grievances are addressed.

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