China wishes Zimbabwe economic prosperity

By Staff Reporter

Huang Ping, the Ambassador of China expressed great joy over the development of his country’s economy and wished the some would happen to Zimbabwe with the aim of improving people’s lives.

Ping made the remarks during the Chinese New year traditional reception on 02 February 2018 held at the Chinese Embassy in Harare.

“The past 2017 was quite extraordinary year for China. The successful convention of the 19th CPC national Congress has brought socialism with Chinese Characteristics into a new era. China has produced over 80 trillion yuan Gross Domestic Products and lifted more than 10 million rural people out of poverty,” Ping said.

Ping pointed out that China has made a solemn pledge to the whole world to jointly build a new type of international relations and a community with a shred future for mankind.

“These initiatives have increasingly gained the international community’s approval and support ad the Chinese dream is connected more closely with the world’s dream, “he said.

He also said that the past year has also been a year of historical importance to Zimbabwe and the relations between China and Zimbabwe. Right after the peaceful transition of power in Zimbabwe, he said, China sent the special envoy and the CPC delegation to Harare. This was to demonstrate the commitment of his country to strengthen cooperation with the new government and ZANU-PF to further consolidate and grow bilateral relations.

“Now both China and Zimbabwe has entered a new era of great development and the coming year has a lot to expect. China will mark the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and reopen up policy,” Ping said.

The ambassador said his country was committed to continue working with Zimbabwe as a way of promoting friendship and cooperation that exist between the two countries.

“We Chinese believe that the coming year of dog stands for loyalty, diligence and prosperity. We sincerely hope that the year will see more economic accomplishments achieved by the Zimbabwean people,”

Ping added that the most important event in bilateral relations will be the state visit by President Emmerson Mnangagwa to China which he strongly believes will map out the future development of good relations which will bring more tangible fruits to benefit the people of the two nations.

The Chines festival is celebrated in January or February according to their Lunar calendar with great anticipation and happiness for many reasons. It also marks a time to enjoy the happy moments of life.

The Chinese community usually spends their time with family members and friends eating fine foods, watching sports and movie programmes on television all day long. They also occupy themselves giving children red envelopes with lite money inside to make them happy, exchanging gifts and going through parties after parties.