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Chipo now a real gift as free content on digital platforms


Leading creative and cultural industries organization Rooftop Promotions’ 13 part television series “Chipo the Gift” continues to screen on the national television ZBCTV every Wednesday between 7:30 PM and 8:00 PM.

The production whose storyline is derived from real life experiences by way of legal cases from situations encountered by women all over Zimbabwe is designed to push for behavior change as well as have Champions who can inspire potential change makers in the society. Because of the subject matter and requests from viewers, with immediate effect, all the series episodes will be available as free content on the Rooftop Promotions YouTube channel.

“In our own small way, during these surreal and challenging times of Covid 19 were families, societies are re-learning each other by virtue of the added time spent as a result of the lockdown, we believe “Chipo”, could be the tonic one needs as it might enhance dialogue amongst some of the perceived delicate issues in our society” says Daves Guzha –Producer.

This production was done in conjunction with the Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association (ZWLA) as an advocacy tool for women’s rights in Zimbabwe and other African nations. The series tells the story of a young village girl, Chipo who had the vision to further her education but eventually finds herself betrayed by those she loves and looks up to and unable to attain her dream. 

With young and vibrant creatives incorporated to excite, inspire and enthuse the audience, Gamuchirai Mukwakwami emerges as the main actress as she plays the role of Chipo with stellar performances from Mercy Makumbe-Chirikure, Lovejoy Mwaoneka, Eunice Tava, Stewart Sakarombe, Anthony Tongani, Katsaya Ndoro and many others. 

Rooftop Promotions have expressed their commitment to produce more content to boost the entertainment industry. Their communications officer Passmore Ndlovu said that a number of entertainment programs are being worked on. 

“We believe that it is at this moment where the public consume more, therefore we see a responsibility to continue working and producing more content for entertainment” said Ndlovu.  

“Chipo the Gift” was directed by celebrated filmmaker Marian Kunonga and produced by veteran Daves Guzha, with the story having been authored by the distinguished writer Virginia Jekanyika. The production company has had numerous productions as sitcoms, features, documentaries, etc which aired on various platforms locally, regionally and internationally in the mould of “Waiters”, “Sinners?”, “The Letter”, “Face to Face”, “Vapoteri” just to mention a few. Information about screening and publication of the remaining episodes is shared on a specific Facebook page titled Chipo the TV Series.

However, all Theatre in the Park pages on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have the same detailed information on the screening times. You can also our website ( further details

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