Chipunza urges fellow women to think outside the box


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By Byron Mutingwende


Spiked Zimbabwe this week, as part of our coverage of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence campaign, caught up with Marygrace Namatai Chipunza, a 22-year-old aircraft and rocket engineering graduate who is a talk show host and a motivational speaker currently living in Johannesburg, South Africa.


The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence is a global campaign dedicated to ending gender-based violence. It seeks to raise awareness at the local, national and international levels regarding violence against women.


While, many play a pivotal role in promoting gender equality and equity, Chipunza gives some advice to women and her views on what the women should strive to do in order for them to make a positive impact in society:



I am really agitated and amazed at the stupidity that the women of this generation do have. Do we not realise how much power God has given us to control this craziness?We are the most pathetic generation of women to ever walk around on this planet. Not only that. Lately, we have been behaving like animals too!Your husband cheats on you, the best thing you can do is humiliate that fellow woman, strip her, beat her up, record and post on social media really now. Amainini hamuna kunyengwa here nemurume wenyu here,kuti mupinde mumba imomo,what makes you think kuti iye haana kunyengwawo? Did you ask yourself,if this woman was aware of your existence;even if she was,this woman doesn’t owe you an explanation, YOUR HUSBAND DOES!! We live in a world where its suddenly okay for men to treat us like objects and in a very disdainful manner, as long as he has money, it doesn’t matter whether he is married or he is in a relationship, WHATEVER HAPPENED TO SELF RESPECT!

 Its suddenly okay, kubikiswa mapoto,kuzvariswa,munhu asina kubvisa kana cent kumusha kwenyu,NO RESPECT OR REGARDS FOR THOSE WHO RAISED US!!We have even gotten to a point where we have rationalized cheating: All men do cheat asikana, as long as he is claiming me and as long as he comes back home askana,hazvina basa” ,God damn-it, we are even proud of the tittle ‘Main chick’- SO MUCH FUCKERY FOR ONE GENERATION,YOU KNOW !!

 What if we were that generation of women who- chose to kneel down and pray when things get hard, who chose to work towards getting everything we desire, Instead of riding on a male organ to make life easy! What if we were that generation of women who- chose to walk away and never look back from men who devalue our essence of our being.


What if we were that generation of women who say “NO!! You cant use me as your video vixen to sell sex.” So that young girls won’t aspire to be used as objects of sex. What if we were that generation of women who- chose to work in solidarity towards making these men acting right and say “NO we are actually not all going to have sex with you until you go and pay for my bridal price and give me a white wedding What if we were that generation of women who- refused to strip off our clothes for the camera to be relevant on social media so as to not make married men feel that the women they’re laying down with in bed every night aren’t as beautiful anymore?


What if we were that generation of women who- sat down with our cheating partners and have a sober adult conversation and discuss what went wrong? Rather than dehumanizing another fellow woman.What if we were that generation of women who- uplift one another and be genuinely happy when someone else succeeds because that means my blessing is coming too? What if we were that generation of women who say, “No, I am not going to have unprotected sex with you unless we get tested.” Honai AIDS yaparadza munhu wese! What if we were that generation of women who – chose to make the right hashtag trend?



-Shy away from our power and the truth.
-Ask our men to take us for vacations and not build a nation.
-Share videos of other women being de-humanized
-Open our legs to strangers and participate in spreading the disease.
-Aspire for Brazilian hair, fancy clothes and a few Facebook likes for validation instead of getting an EDUCATION ,a piece of land or even own a property.
-Applaud those whom we genuinely know made money with their pussies and aspire to be like them.
-Who would do anything to keep a man.
-Do all sorts of craziness to get attention on social media rather that spreading the truth because no-one cares or wants to hear the truth,it doesn’t bring traffic to my page.
-Beat one another when we find out about our cheating one spouse.
-Who ignore such a message that contains nothing but the truth.

SO UNTIL WE ONE DAY SAY -“Enough is enough.” We are that generation of women who are going to live an agonizing life because we did let it happen to us,while we were here and fully aware and that we did shy away from OUR GOD GIVEN POWERS!!


Chipunza wants to stimulate debate and let’s hear from the women.