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Churches condemn extension of sanctions against Zimbabwe

Sam Malunga

By Byron Mutingwende


Churches under the banner of the Tehillar Christian Network led by Reverend Sam Malunga have condemned the extension of sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the West.


The call comes following the European Union’s statement last week that it was concerned about Zimbabwe’s deteriorating human rights record and responded by calling on the European Council to “review its restrictive measures against individuals and entities in Zimbabwe, including those measures currently suspended, in the light of accountability for recent state violence.”


“The extension of sanctions against Zimbabwe is being spearheaded by people with selfish political agendas against the country. Some elements are on record for celebrating the intensification of sanctions, retorting that the recent hostile interference by the West has paid off as the West extended more sanctions on Zimbabwe this month,” said Rev Malunga.


He added that the church as a moral compass of society, has the responsibility of inculcating political moral sanity to ensure economic recovery involvement by Zimbabweans against the dictates of the West.


Rev Malunga said sanctions have a ripple effect against the general populace of Zimbabwe. Thus the need for all leaders across the political divides to put the interests of the people first by addressing pressing economic issues.


The Techillar Christian Network has acknowledged efforts by the government on calls for dialogue a development which he said should not be dictated by foreigners but by Zimbabweans themselves.


“Dialogue sets the tone for the roadmap to economic recovery and is catalytic to national development as opposed to calling for demonstrations which have proven to be detrimental to development. Looters, hooligans and criminals hijacked the past demonstrations. That eventually led to the negative interpretation and misconception that government responded with a heavy hand against civilians. In this context government had to act to avoid further chaos.“

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