Commit yourselves to serving people: Councillors urged

By Patricia Mashiri

The Harare City Mayor Bernard Manyenyeni has urged all aspiring councillors to be committed to their work once they are elected into office.

He made these remarks at a special engagement with aspiring councillors of different political parties.He said the person who wants to serve as a councillor should have the people at heart.

“A councillor should be someone who is committed to serve the people. He or she should have interests to protect. In this case the interests to protect are the people of Harare and their lifestyle.

“Coming into the office in not not being elected to power but it’s being elected to serve.This position needs someone who is committed, educated, who has competence as well as oversight,” Manyenyeni said.

The Mayor also advised all aspiring candidates not to involve themselves in corrupt activities as they are high-profile figures who must lead by example in curbing corruption.

He gave examples of people who assume office to protecting their interests and described them as ‘investors’.

“Being a councillor is not a job for people who have nothing to do. It is a job for professionals, business people and those ones who have specific interests to protect in the community around them.

“It needs education, training and exposure to lead the people. If you can not sacrifice you can not be a good councillor for your community. This is a game of refreshing and managing a brand,” Manyenyeni.

The invited aspiring candidates were from the Movement for Democratic Change, People’s Own Voice and People’s Democratic Party. They had came for experience-sharing on opportunities which can be gained as a councillor.

The move was described as a great improvement towards political tolerance. The meeting was peaceful and participants spoke with one voice and agreed that serving the interest of the Harare residents was their chief priority.