Farmers at Mbare Musika in Harare, Zimbabwe are complaining on the available ablution facilities provided by the city council as a ‘ticking health bomb’.

Most of the farmers who are women said they are concerned with their health as most of the toilets are not cleaned timely but they pay the city council a fee for using the Mbare Musika stalls.

“The City Council is failing us big time as they are not cleaning the toilets while we pay them daily for using their stalls.

“It’s not fair,” fumed one Chenai Masawi.

A farmer from Guruve Thandiwe Rangwani said while man can afford not to use toilets and urinate openly behind parked lorries the same cannot be applicable to women.

“With man urinating in public is not a big deal as they can make use of parked lorries and not use the toilets but for us women we have to use the toilets which are filthy and reek of smell which is unbearable to say the least,” said a concerned Rangwani.

For nursing mothers it is even worse as they have to change napkins and where water will now be needed.

The toilets do not have running water and most of the farmers have to pay money to residents of Mbare who offer bathing.

Tawanda Marwizi, a Mbare resident said they are cashing in on the situation.

“We are providing these farmers with water and place to bath for a fee.

“It’s how we also make money my brother they is no option,” Marwizi hinted.

The farmers also lamented the lack of overnight accommodation at Mbare Musika where they sleep in the open because Carter House which should be serving that purpose has been hijacked by some people who charge high rates that deter farmers who have no option but to sleep in the open