Connect Africa Symposium Emphasises Innovation for Africa’s Growth


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The Connect Africa Symposium, set against the backdrop of the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF), was officially launched this morning in session under the theme “Harnessing Innovation for Africa’s Prosperity”.

Hon. K.C.D Mohadi, the Vice President of Zimbabwe, inaugurated the event, sparking discussions focused on advancing Africa’s industrial and commercial sectors.

During his morning address at the symposium, Hon. Nqobizitha M. Ndhlovu, the Minister of Industry & Commerce, highlighted the critical role of sustainable and innovative practices in unlocking Africa’s economic potential. He pointed out the importance of leveraging Africa’s youthful demographic to pioneer innovations and inventions that propel industrial growth.

“Africa’s young population is a tremendous asset that can lead groundbreaking advancements in technology and industrial development,” stated Hon. Ndhlovu.

Honourable Ndhlovu mentioned that the country’s institutions of higher learning had prioritized Heritage-based Education 5.0, which prepared students with the skills needed to harness the continent’s vast natural resources and mineral wealth.

Further elaborating on his vision in the past morning event, Hon. Ndhlovu outlined key initiatives such as promoting entrepreneurship through funding and incubation programs, encouraging the adoption of technology in communal setups, and bolstering STEM education. These measures were intended to prepare young Africans with future-oriented skills and promote a sustainable economic future.