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Corporate 24 medical cover accessible for all

Corporate 24 Group of Hospitals yesterday launched medical cover targeting the majority who are between low and middle income earners.

The medical cover comes at an opportune time as only 1 percent of Zimbabwe have medical cover while the remaining 70 percent have no cover due to unavailability of affordable medical aid insurance.

The new medical cover aptly called Ndine Plan/Ngile Plan serves to provide three types of medical insurance which Corporate 24 as the service provider guarantees.

What is unique about the new cover is that there are NO core payments or shortfalls on all services while comprehensive service is guaranteed.

For just US$3 per month or RTGs at the current rate, the client will get Ndine Plan Lite which covers basic healthcare that includes consultation fees, prescription drugs, laboratory tests and dentistry services such as tooth extraction.

Then there is Dine Plan Standard for US$10 per month, which allow members to access basic health care plus admissions, maternity and ambulance services in public health institutions and mission hospitals.

Lastly, the Premium  Ndine Plan goes for US$30 every month and covers members to access a range of services even in private institutions.

Officially launching the new Ndine Plan scheme, Deputy Minister of Health and Child Care Dr John Mangwiro applauded Corporate 24’s for affording the majority to access health care.

Dr Mangwiro said Corporate 24’s innovation was in line with Government’s thrust of achieving middle to upper income economy by 2030.

“We applaud you for this innovativeness, which is inclusive of low income earners but we also urge you to look into the majority of our population, which is in rural areas.

“Government is envisaging a country with village healthcare centres and we want to see such innovativeness reaching to these facilities too,” said Dr Mangwiro.

Dr Mangwiro said all the schemes under the Ndine Plan have a potential of ensuring that the majority of Zimbabweans access basic health care services.

Corporate 24 CEO Dr Mike Joka said, also unveiled Ndine Plan App making it more accessible to those who use smartphones.

Dr Joka said the scheme was also designed not to incur any co-payment nor shortfall.

“We learn from the past and the challenges that face medical aid scheme the core payments, shortfalls and what have you. So the good thing about Ndine Plan is we have don’t make clients pay cash or have shortfalls but we are able to guarantee quality services as affordable prices,” said Dr Joka.

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