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Corporates Hold Welcome Dinner for Zimbabwe Gems


One of the country’s largest multi-category food companies, National Foods, hosted a welcome dinner for Zimbabwe Gems in Harare in partnership with other corporates.

The ‘Gems’ arrived on Wednesday from a fine run in the Women’s Netball World Cup in Liverpool where they finished eighth in their inaugural contest.

The team will only break for one month as they are set to regroup for the African Netball Championship set for South Africa in October.

“We are grateful of your support and would like to tell you that we feel we are engaged to you and our marriage is about to start as we are only breaking camp for one month for the African Netball Championship set for South Africa,” Letticia Chipandu the ‘Gems’

Event stakeholders applauded the performance by the ‘Gems’ and guaranteed continued support for the ‘Gems’ despite the prevalent challenges.

“What you have achieved is phenomenal considering that you come from a country like ours. Even us at National Foods have been around for 100 years but have only managed to come first in Zimbabwe only.” Michael Lashbrook, National foods CEO said at the event.

“The passion that you show was commended not only in Zimbabwe but in the UK as well. The Ambassador who sent me with her apologies said that her training session with the ‘gems’ was the most inspirational in Zimbabwe and she would be eager for a rematch.” British Embassy Political Consular Grant Calder said at the dinner.

National foods donated a food hamper to the ‘gems’ for the next year to facilitate for their better nourishment and a lot of prices were on offer.

The ‘gems’ experience was facilitated courtesy of Econet, Nyaradzo, Simbisa Brands, National Foods, Telone among other sponsors.

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Byron Adonis Mutingwende