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Counting down our favourite spooky shows on DStv


It’s always a great time to binge on our favourite horror and thriller classics.

Monsters, ghouls, and phantoms not only get the heart pumping, but they might also offer up some cuddling opportunities with your crush or partner and some are great for quality time with your family.

In anticipation of all the jump-scares and nail-biting moments, here are some of our must-see shows that will get your heart beating just a little bit faster.

Murder on The Social Network

It’s somehow always scarier when spooky series are based on real stories. Murder on The Social Network sees an examination into the dark side of social networking. Criminal psychologists and victims’ families reveal how a disturbing number of online relationships ended in murder… Watch these real-life thrilling stories this Wednesday, 4 November at 20:05 CAT on Lifetime, DStv Channel 131.

Castle Rock 

Based on bestselling author Stephen King’s stories, the series intertwines characters and themes from the fictional town of Castle Rock. Season Two kicks off when Annie Wilkes and her teenage daughter get stranded in this spooky town, but it soon becomes clear that everything isn’t all as it seems. Catch the next episode Thursday, 5 November at 23:30 CAT on M-Net City, DStv Channel 115, and make sure you have a hand to hold!


Would you go against your parents or creators? This supernatural movie based on the hit comic book is about a demonic-looking being called Hellboy conjured by the Nazi’s after WWII. Captured by the foes, the Allies, he grows up to fight against evil rather than for it. Catch this Golden Globe winner on Friday, 06 November at 16:39 CAT on Studio Universal DStv Channel 112.

Seed of Chucky 

Some movies age like fine wine and the Chucky franchise definitely falls into this category. The 2004 horror follows Chucky and Tiffany as they get back to their worst! Revived by their kid, using a voodoo amulet, now the three go on a killing spree in Hollywood. Find out on Thursday, 12 November at 21:35 CAT on M-Net Movies 2, DStv Channel 106.

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