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COVID-19 relief: Sekuru Banda opens businesses for Kapfupi and other musicians

Stunner and Kapfupi pose for a photo with groceries donated by Sekuru Banda

Famous traditional healer, Sekuru Banda has come to the rescue of comedian Kapfupi and other musicians struggling under the COVID-19-induced hardships by opening grocery shops and starting income generating projects for them.

The initiative is part of Sekuru Banda’s extension of an olive branch to musicians who have gone for more than a year without holding live shows.

He said musicians in Zimbabwe largely depend on live performances as one of their main sources of revenue.

Yesterday, Sekuru Banda and multi award-winning Zim Hip-hop star Desmond Chideme popularly known as Stunner took musician Freddy Manjalima popularly known as Kapfupi to a local wholesale in Harare where they purchased goods worth US$3000 which will help the Amai Nga hitmaker to open two grocery stores in the capital.

Sekuru Banda said the harsh economic situation in the country which has worsened since the first lockdown in March 2020 has not spared musicians.

“Since last year when the government declared a national lockdown, we have been assisting the elderly and other disadvantaged members of our society with groceries. The program has been extended to musicians who have not been spared by the pandemic as they cannot hold live shows. That is why Fantan was arrested because he was trying to survive in the process, he breached government regulations.

“After noticing that our musicians are struggling to survive without live shows, we sat down and deliberated on how we could assist them, we then joined hands with Stunner who already had an idea.

“Today we helped Kapfupi and Mai Ngaa to open two shops, so we went to Metro Peech along Seke Road to buy groceries for the couple to start operating.

“Other artists we cannot name now will also be assisted under this initiative.

“I urge everyone else to also emulate this initiative and assist those in need especially during this time of Covid-19,” said Sekuru Banda.

Sekuru Banda is one of the biggest philanthropists in the country involved in assisting needy people.

Among the people he has assisted are Kapfupi’s best friend and fellow actor Marabha, the late Gringo, former Dynamos talisman George Shaya and former boxing champion Alfonse Zvenyika among others.

He recently volunteered to sponsor Gringo Troublemaker season two in honor of the late award winning actor Gringo who died last year.

Sekuru Banda was recently honoured with an international award for his philanthropic work.

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Byron Adonis Mutingwende