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Diplomats embolden stance against war in Gaza Strip

Solidarity march in support of the people of Palestine

Writes Lovemore Chazingwa

The solidarity march held on Saturday for the people of Palestine emboldened the resolve of the diplomatic community for a lasting end to the siege on patent humanitarian grounds.

The march which was organized by the Zimbabwe-Palestine Solidarity Movement, took their message to UN WFP offices, and British and EU embassies, to voice their concerns.

In her demonstration of settled points, Turkish ambassador to Zimbabwe, H.E Berna Versteden said her country is mobilizing resources and, at the same time, calling for opening canals to enable aid deliveries.

“In view of the recent developments in Gaza, the priorities of Turkey are immediate declaration of a cease-fire and cessation of hostilities; urgent, unhindered flow off for humanitarian assistance into Gaza. Lastly, settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian problem once and for all.

“The civilian population of Gaza continues bearing the brunt of indiscriminate attacks of Israel. The death toll in Gaza exceeded 10,000, mostly women and children. This has to stop. There is no justification for depriving 2,5 million people of basic needs like food, medication, water, and electricity. This is why it is considered a war crime.

“So far, Turkey sent 10 aircraft loads of humanitarian aid and a large vessel will reach Al-Arrish soon which is carrying field hospitals and medical equipment and medicine. We continue doing our utmost to heal the wounds of the Gazan people. However, if such assistance does not go into Gaza, they are useless.”

The State of Türkey tabled its resolve to a joint summit of two powerful international member bodies.

“On November 11, during the Extra-ordinary Joint Summit of Organization of Islamic Co-operation and the Arab League, President of the Republic of Turkey H.E Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has again put forward our vision for a lasting settlement on the Israeli-Palestinian issue, including a proposal for a guarantee mechanism.

“We firmly believe that if we join hands and minds, we can achieve a settlement based on a two-state vision, Israel and Palestine living in secure and pre-1967 borders with East Jerusalem as the capital of an independent, sovereign, and geographically contiguous State of Palestine.”

Pakistan envoy Amb. Murad Baseer concurred with H.E Versteden, emphasizing on an immediate end to the bombardments and a lasting ceasefire.

“The Government and people of Pakistan condemn in the strongest terms the Israeli aggression on the people of Gaza. Pakistan calls for the international community to take cognizance of the human rights abuses unleashed by the Israeli defence forces on the civilian population of Gaza. Pakistan demands an immediate end to the bombardments and a lasting ceasefire, lifting of the siege on Gaza so that humanitarian aid can be delivered to the people of Palestine.”

Chief Palestine emissary in Zimbabwe, Dr Tamer Almassri is at the forefront of efforts to quell the bloodbath and suffering in his native state. He is proactive on all fronts and among stakeholders, applying megaphone diplomacy, for the restoration of peace and tranquility, so that, the State of Palestine regains self-rule.

The shrewd statesman has always reiterated his clarion call for legitimacy and sovereignty for the State of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its proposed capital.

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