Disseminate correct information about BVR: ZEC


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By Patricia Mashiri

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has reiterated its commitment to update the electorate about its activities regularly and urged political parties to disseminate correct information on biometric voter registration.

“The voter regulations are now in place. Proof of residence and identity are some of the requirements for the registration process. Metal national identity cards are still valid for the registration process as well as on the Election Day.

“ZEC is appealing to all members to disseminate accurate information about this exercise as BVR helps in giving a voter’s role more integrity,” Makarau said at a meeting held by the electoral management body with political parties held in Harare on 3 October 2017.

Biometric voter registration involves the use of technology in voter registration. It is the use of computers, fingerprint print scanners and digital cameras to capture bio-data of applicants.

The BVR system was commissioned on 18 September 2017 in each district centers for the purpose of replacing a paper voter list and the time it takes to find a person on the list with a faster, electronic solution.

The uptake of the BVR system is, in principle, a positive stride towards mitigating multiple voting, ghost voters, and transparency defects of an independent electoral commission and, subject to availability of a credible and impartial electoral environment. The coalition of opposition movements has proven efficacious in many countries as a democratisation strategy.

Makarau highlighted that the number of political parties in Zimbabwe has risen to 75, from the last number, which was recorded as 35.

Makarau said the blitz is to commence on the 10th of October 2017. So far, there are 25 571 registered voters with about 80-100 registering every day.

ZEC will be launching an awareness campaign to ensure all people are aware of the voter registration as well as all political parties.

Makarau said the system is new and the people need to be correctly fed with how it works to avoid confusion among people.

Political parties involved had different views, which ZEC promised to put into consideration before the end of the exercise as the main aim of the meeting was to hear different views on how to handle the process.