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Dr Kudzanai Vere offers 2021 Entrepreneurship Masterclass

2012 Entrepreneurship Masterclass

By Lovemore Chazingwa

In a world where challenges to business innovation and sustainability are omnipresent, one entrepreneurship mind, Master Coach Dr. Kudzanai Vere, is taking the bull by the horns in a bid to empower avid minds, and sundry, with the requisite knowledge, as well as, skills to stand the heat and be counted among game-changers.

Executed by a master coach, the program would not be rolled out at a better time than this when solutions to challenges bedevilling the dynamic world are ubiquitous. The decorated academic is the brains behind the Transformational Mindset Institute as founder and director of programs.

With a person of Dr. Vere’s cult, expect only the tried, and trusted dish on the transformational Entrepreneurship Masterclass menu.

This program, a first of its kind in the country, is premised on three core facets namely, The A-Z of Entrepreneurship, the SYRINGE and Kudzanai Approach to Winning Market Share.

The SYRINGE nomenclature derives from Start a business, Yearn for greatness and pursue it, Running a business, Innovation, Negotiating, Growth and Explore. The SYRINGE is discussed under, ‘The making of great coaches’ template within the topic, ‘Entrepreneurial exploits’.

Dr. Kudzanai Vere has a way of winning market share which he has learnt and underscored during his scholarship and experience in the entrepreneurship world. He will share this mixed bag in greater detail in the conferences.

Of course, the A-Z of Entrepreneurship is what every entrepreneur yearns for. The sublime Master Coach will dish out the A- Action Oriented to Z- Zeal learnership to his audiences to brush clean any grain of doubt in the demanding, otherwise enriching field.

These focal areas are dealt with in a holistic manner that participants will be left to regurgitate and not wonder on what these terms are.

By this token, a complete package on the sometimes vexing subject of entrepreneurship, is delivered for the proactive participants who will subscribe to the top-notch program. 

A comprehensive program of action has been drafted for the coming year as a precursor to wider catchment programs that will be introduced in the foregoing period. His aim is to influence the whole world.

“I will start with programs in the country then move on to dedicate a program for each capital in the region before I embark on borders beyond Africa. My aim is to be of great influence in the whole world,” he said in an interview.. 

The versatile content-rich program aptly coined, 2021 Nationwide Entrepreneurship Master Class Program – NEMP will roll out to the whole country beginning February 6, with Harare hosting the debut symposium. All the country’s major cities and towns are roped into entrepreneurship expose programs bent on dovetailing individuals and corporates into maximizing the entrepreneurship dividend, which is usually missed by many.

The program is all-inclusive as Smile Action International (SAI) which mainly deals with people with disabilities (PLWD) and vulnerable has shown keen interest in partnering with the learned Dr. Vere and his institute, Transformational Mindset Institute (TMI), on this empowerment journey.

For their participation at the conferences, PLWD will invest a fee discounted by forty percent.

In a bid to encourage participation by PLWD, Dr. Vere is calling upon like-minded corporates to cover the discounted fee so as to make up for the workshop fees for every person who attends so that at the end of the day this vulnerable group is empowered at no cost to them.

All forms of disability will be catered for with translators made available by Smiles Action International (SAI).

Through these entrepreneurship master class program installments, participants will be able to get a hands-on feel of the road that the Certified Entrepreneurship and Business Coach has traversed to understand entrepreneurship in all its shapes, texture and of course, structure.

Demands of the entrepreneurship world are not to be taken for granted, lest, one falls into a bottomless rut.

The man has penned and published various publications on entrepreneurship, the mainstay being Exceed Beyond the Ordinary: A Step- By- Step Guide on How to Become a High Voltage Entrepreneur. and Becoming a Person of Impact: The Six Pack Approach.

After touching down in Harare, the program will set base in the country’s second capital Bulawayo on February 13. Next to taste what’s on the entrepreneurship menu will be Masvingo the following Saturday, February 20. The next leg of the exhilarating program will be the capital of the eastern highlands of Mutare during the proceeding Saturday, February 27.

Every Saturday of March 2021 will be dedicated to the central part of the country. Gweru will roar first, then the neighbouring smart city of Kwekwe before pitching a tent in Dr. Vere’s home city of Kadoma. Afterward, the entrepreneurship gospel meets entrepreneurs in the agro-mining town of Chegutu.

Each Saturday in the month of April has a chance to host the Entrepreneurship Master Class program itinerary starting with Mash Central capital of Bindura, April 3, followed by the resort town of Kariba and serene Marondera will be waiting to receive the baton. Mash West capital of Chinhoyi will bring the curtain down on the ambitious yet, enriching program on April 24.

Participation in each conference is a modest US$25. 00, considering the nature and perceived benefits to participants that those who are wise enough to smell the coffee will reap. 

Although venues have not yet been confirmed, the reputation of Master Coach Dr. Vere is always utilizing upmarket venues suitable for these kinds of Indaba, judging by previous events that he has convened.

Dr. Vere is founder and executive president of Premium Business Network International assuming an extra stripe as CEO of Kudfort Entreprises.

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