Driving digitisation: Starlink gets nod to operate in Zimbabwe

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Writes Elvis Dumba
Harare – A local digital communications company, IMC Communications (Pvt) Ltd, has been given the green light by the Zimbabwean administration to provide through Starlink, a Low Earth Orbit Satellite international company, high-speed, low-cost internet and digital processing services in the country.
The licensing of Starlink to operate in Zimbabwe through IMC Communications (Pvt) Ltd was revealed by the Zimbabwean Head of Government and President, HE Emmerson Mnangagwa through his social handle on X.
President Mnangagwa said science and innovation are some of the pillars that anchor the government’s developmental agenda towards digital economy
“One of the strategic pillars that anchor the Second Republic’s developmental agenda under Vision 2030 is innovation, science, and technology. Prioritization of the digital economy and the emerging importance of technology in our day-to-day activities requires the Government to lead from the front in providing an environment where investment in technology is promoted,” President Mnangagwa said.
Announcing the awarding of the license 
“In this vein, I’m pleased to announce that I have approved the licensing of Starlink by POTRAZ to provide advanced internet and related digital processing services in Zimbabwe through its sole and exclusive local partner, IMC Communications (Pvt) Ltd, Starlink,” He said.
The entry by Starlink in the digital telecommunications space in Zimbabwe is expected to result in the deployment of high-speed, low-cost, LEO internet infrastructure throughout Zimbabwe, particularly in all the rural areas where internet connectivity was still a challenge due to poor network with investment being hampered by high cost of infrastructure.
“This will be in fulfillment of my Administration’s undertaking to leave no one and no place behind. The investment confidence expressed by Starlink in Zimbabwe’s telecommunications infrastructure also dovetails with the 2nd Republic’s mantra, “Zimbabwe is open for business”.
President Mnangagwa encouraged more international investors to set base and invest in the country
“I encourage more investment by foreign conglomerates in Zimbabwe as we are an investment destination of choice.”
President Mnangagwa said investments of this magnitude and strategic importance represent the cornerstone for achieving the Second Republic’s objective of having a fully digitalized, upper-middle-income economy by 2030.
Before this development, various people have been arrested for illegally selling and distributing Starlink-related services in the country without a license.
Once operational, Starlink services are expected to give local mobile telecommunications operators a run for their money as they have been accused of offering expensive internet services and failing to service other areas such as rural areas.