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Drought Affecting Gardening Schemes in Shurugwi


By Abigail Mzimbawakhe (Midlands Correspondent)

Gardening schemes that have been assisting Shurugwi residents with food and vegetables have been affected by drought.

A group of 29 villagers established a garden project called “Tirivamwe” to avoid serious food shortages in their area.

The gardening project, established to cater for orphans, vulnerable people and local widows most of whose spouses died of HIV related diseases is the brainchild of the Midlands Aids Service Organisation (MASO) but is now failing due to drought.

The project coordinator, Stella Ncube said the project was initiated by local villagers in conjunction with the Midlands Aids Service Organisation.

“The project was started by local villagers as well as MASO. Members of the project are facing a major challenge that is shortage of water. The source of water has dried up and the other source of water is a bit far that the elderly members cannot access it,” she said

‘’We used to draw water for irrigation at a far away river which has run dry. We are experiencing a serious dry spell which is affecting our crops. I kindly appeal to the corporate world to assist us with water pumps for the project’s sustainability,” she said.

The Village Health official, Stella Dube said the project committee should build standard toilets at the project site to replace the sub-standard ones that are there.

“There is need for the project committee to build standard toilets at the project site to replace temporary substandard ones that are there. We are mobilising resources such as bricks, roofing material and cement and we need well-wishers to assist us so that we can build the intended toilets as well as a borehole and a water pump,” said Dube.

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