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Econet bringing technology, innovation and modernisation

Econet stand

In line with the 2019 Zimbabwe Agricultural Society (ZA) theme of “Bringing Innovation, Technology and Modernisation”, Econet continues on the path of innovation by bringing in new technologies and new products.


Below are some of the innovations at ZAS 2019:


Elevate Youth is running an e-sports tournament for FIFA19. The first tournament is set for the 23rd of August from 1000hrs to 1630hrs. There are many prizes on offer.


The first price is RTGS$2 000. The second prize is RTGS$1 000 while the third prize is RTGS$500.


Elevate Youth has lots of instant prizes for the fans. It encourages everyone: from the gamers to the fans to come through and have fun and stand a chance to win the prizes.


On Saturday, the 24th of August, a similar tournament with the same prizes will also be on offer.


Buddie Beatz


This is a music application that is downloadable on Google Play or Apple App Store that allows customers to listen to music on the go on their mobile phones. On Thursday 22 August, there was live performance from Mbeu. On Friday, there will be Ti Gonz and Ishan of the Kure Kure Fame who will perform between 1330hrs and 1430hrs. On Saturday, there will be Tammy Moyo at the same time.


Connected Lifestyle


Today, they are showcasing Econet Connected Home, Connected Car and the Agricultural Drone.


Connected Home is an alarm system which enables one to secure, monitor and access their homes remotely via a mobile application. It uses high-end alarm systems and related accessories such as IP cameras; smart plugs; and rapid response reaction services in the event of an intrusion or attempted intrusion.


Connected Car is basically a vehicle tracking and fleet management solution. It enables fleet managers or vehicle owners to effectively manage their vehicles across devices such as the mobile phone, tablet and computer. It offers real-time vehicle tracking, comprehensive reports, accident and events alerts and reports and also roaming for vehicles that go outside Zimbabwe’s borders as well as fuel monitoring solutions.


The Agricultural Drone focuses on smart agriculture with a view that farming is a business to make profits. It has the capacity to carry 15l of chemicals and can spray 7 hectares per hour and a minimum of 50 to 100 acres per day, which is 30 times more than the traditional method of spraying. It protects farmers from poisoning and heat stroke. It saves about 90% of water as compared to the traditional way. It ensures 97% of cost reduction. It’s not affected by terrain and can go up to 30m above the ground. It is also easy to maintain and operate.


Under Connected Lifestyle, there are future businesses that are also being included. These include Asset Tracking (Laptops, TV sets, cattle); Facial Recognition Access Control; User-based Insurance and Emergency First Responder Services. As new business to Connected Home, Econet is going beyond a smart plug into full home automation.




Bid Buddie

It’s a mobile application where a person is able to buy and sell products through an auction system. The application can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.


A person can sell electronics, home and garden, agriculture, accommodation, celebrity bids, tools and motor vehicles as well as miscellaneous items. One can maximise profits through a large network created by Econet’s subscriber base. The bidding is time-bound. The highest bidder gets the product. It also allows self-selection of products.


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