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Econet launches all-new YoMix app with exciting new features, improved functionality


Econet Wireless has launched an all-new YoMix app, with a fresh, sleek interface and a revamped menu, laden with several new functions.

The app retains its hallmark functionalities of creating personalized bundles of voice, data, SMS & Value Added Services, offering discounted YoMix bundle combinations, and the option to buy bundles for friends and loved ones (YoMix bundle gifting).

However, with the new app customers can now buy YoMix bundles via EcoCash and access airtime credit. The app is also now available to all Econet Buddie prepaid customers, not just to the company’s Elevate youth segment.

“We listened, we took note (of the customer feedback), and we went to work creating and developing an all-new and vastly improved app that we believe our customers deserve,” said Econet Chief Operating Officer Mr Fayaz King as he announced the relaunch of the popular app.

“We are pleased to announce that YoMix is back, it’s especially suited to every individual’s product tastes and preferences, and it is now a lot more user-friendly than ever before,” said Mr King.

Speaking on the YoMix value proposition, that endeared the app with millions of young customers before the company briefly pulled it back, Econet Chief Commercial Officer Mr Navdeep Kapur said the new YoMix was now available to every Buddie prepaid customer.

“We are pleased to announce that the new YoMix is now available for all our prepaid customers, and is no longer only limited to our Elevate youth segment (aged 16-34),” said Mr Kapur as he described the new YoMix offer.

“Our customers can also now recharge their phones using the YoMix App, via EcoCash, using recharge cards or by accessing airtime credit. They can also now do airtime transfer to whoever they chose on our network,” Mr Kapur said.

He said the new YoMix app now came with enhanced security, which included a stronger, customisable password feature, that customers can change anytime,

adding that with the added features on the app, came added security, along with the ability for customers to retrieve PINs for over-scratched or damaged recharged cards.

“A very intelligent feature that customers will love is the new app’s perceptive aptitude to help customers by offering default or preset bundles, that exactly mirror a customer usage behaviour,” Mr Kapur said. “The beauty of this is that busy customers can then just ‘pick and purchase’ the preset bundles on the fly, instead of taking time to build a new bundle with every purchase,” he said.

The new YoMix app will now be linked to the Econet Web self-care platform which gives customers instant access to their mobile number account and to all their transaction and usage history, and links them to their customer services platforms.

“The new YoMix app comes with greater product choice, more control for the customer and a very high degree of transparency,” said Mr Kapur, adding that the new app would be zero-rated, meaning that after downloading the app, a customer would not pay for data to use the app.

He said the new YoMix app was built on an entirely new platform, which meant customers would need to uninstall the old app and download the all-new YoMix app.

“We have completely done away with both the old back-end architecture of the app, and its old interface. Customers will simply need to uninstall the old app, and reinstall the new one for them to enjoy the full bouquet of value on the new YoMix app,” Mr Kapur said.

He added that to access the new app, which is already available on the Google Play Store on Android devices, customers should select this link: or dial *142#. He said the app would soon be available Apple’s IOS App Store.

Mr King meanwhile said Econet would continue to both innovate and create new products and services for its customers, as well as to reimagine its product delivery processes with a view to improve and simplify its customers’ user experience.

“We will not stop innovating and reimagining. For us, this is about liberating and empowering the customer to basically ‘cook’ and ‘serve’ by themselves from the elaborate ‘buffet’ of products we offer,” Mr King said.

“Gone and truly over are the days operators would impose products on customers. With YoMix, we are giving the power of choice and control back to the customer,” said Mr King.

With new and exciting YoMix app offer, Econet customers will be hoping the party has only just began.

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