Enforcement of drink-driving countermeasures ensures a safe Easter: SAAPA

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During Easter, the Southern African Alcohol Policy Alliance (SAAPA) reaffirms its commitment to promoting safer roads and communities by advocating for the advancement and enforcement of drink-driving countermeasures.

In alignment with the World Health Organization’s SAFER initiative, SAAPA urges governments across the Southern African region to prioritize road safety measures to prevent alcohol-related accidents and fatalities during the holiday season.

The Easter holiday period often sees an increase in alcohol consumption and subsequently, an elevated risk of road traffic injuries and deaths due to drunk driving. Recognizing this urgent public health concern, SAAPA urges policymakers to take decisive action to address the harmful effects of alcohol on road safety.

The WHO’s SAFER initiative provides a comprehensive framework for reducing the harmful use of alcohol, with one of its key pillars focusing on “Enforce” measures. SAAPA underscores the importance of enforcing existing drunk driving laws and implementing evidence-based interventions to deter individuals from driving under the influence of alcohol.

SAAPA calls on governments to:

  1. Strengthen Legislation: Enhance existing laws related to blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limits to align with WHO recommendations to 0.05 or below and penalties for drinking and then driving offenses to deter risky behaviour.
  2. Implement Sobriety Checkpoints: Increase the frequency and visibility of sobriety checkpoints to detect and deter drunk driving.
  3. Promote Alternative Transportation: Expand access to safe and affordable transportation options, such as public transit or designated drivers, to reduce reliance on driving after consuming alcohol.
  4. Raise Public Awareness: Launch public education campaigns to raise awareness about the dangers of drinking and then driving and the importance of responsible alcohol consumption.
  5. Support Law Enforcement: Provide adequate resources and training for law enforcement agencies to effectively enforce drunk driving laws and prosecute offenders.


By prioritizing these measures, governments can significantly reduce the incidence of alcohol-related road traffic injuries and fatalities, saving lives and preventing unnecessary suffering within our communities.

SAAPA remains committed to working collaboratively with governments, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders to advance evidence-based policies and initiatives that promote safer alcohol consumption patterns and protect public health.

About SAAPA:

The Southern African Alcohol Policy Alliance (SAAPA) is a network of organizations committed to promoting evidence-based alcohol policies to reduce alcohol-related harm in the Southern African region. Through advocacy, research, and collaboration, SAAPA works to address the social, economic, and health consequences of alcohol misuse.