Ensure electric fence is effective during load-shedding, Safeguard warns

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With crime on the increase, leading security firm Safeguard Security has urged those with properties protected by an electric fence to ensure the fence is effective, especially now that load shedding has resumed.

It has urged those contemplating installing or replacing an electric fence to ensure it provides the best possible protection and is installed by a reputable security firm.

Electric fences act as a deterrent to would-be thieves and provide early warning of a possible intrusion since a siren goes off if the fence is breached or touched by anyone or anything. The fence alarm can also be connected, together with internal house alarm systems, to a rapid response service, providing additional protection.

With electricity load-shedding having resumed it is important to ensure that the electric fence battery is inspected and replaced as needed, to ensure it provides sufficient power to withstand the power cuts, Safeguard Engineering managing director Tinarwo Chiremba pointed out.

“The battery for an electric fence is not expensive. It needs to be replaced from time to time. If it has insufficient power to continue powering your electric fence during load-shedding then it needs to be replaced,” he said.

“Ideally it should be connected to your solar system, if you have one, for the best efficiency,” he added.

He said it was also important for the electric fence to be properly earthed if it is to provide sufficient current to ensure the maximum non-lethal shock is administered to an intruder.

“While the shock given by an electric fence is not intended to be strong enough to threaten anyone’s life, it needs to be able to give a substantial shock if it is to deter a would-be intruder,” he said.

“This requires that the electric fence is properly earthed. Without the correct earth spike, the electric current is likely to be weak. The stronger the earth, the stronger the shock,” he said.

The type of wire used to carry the electric current is also important, Mr Chiremba pointed out.

“At Safeguard we use electro-braided wires to carry live electrons from the energiser around the property. We use an earth spike to properly earth the fence and galvanised zinc spray to avoid oxidation between the earth wires and the electro-braided wires,” he said.

“Electric fence wires also sometimes need to be replaced. If they are old and have become rusted they are not as likely to carry a strong current.

“Electric fence technology and design have changed over the years to combat intrusion. Every wire needs to be monitored, which is not the case with some of the less expensive systems being sold on the market.

“We normally use either six, eight or 10 strand black powder coated square tube brackets around the entire property.

“A range of energisers is available. A keypad is now supplied as standard for all new installations. You can also control your fence remotely via your phone through our fence app. A power surge protector to protect against AC voltage that is too low or too high is also standard,” he said.

He said the distance between the uprights through which the wires pass is also important. for effective protection.

“A good security fence will have the uprights closer together. If they are far apart, this allows more play in the fence, making it easier to move the fencing to gain access,” he said.

He said it was also possible to connect a gate alarm which would set off the alarm siren if the gate is opened while the gate alarm is on.

“You should check your current fence standards when asking for pricing for upgrades or new systems to ensure that you obtain a reliable and effective security system,” Mr Chiremba said.

“It is possible, at least with Safeguard electric fences, to divide the fence into zones, so that when the fence siren goes off you can see in which part of the property the fence has been touched. This is particularly useful for townhouse complexes or industrial premises,” he said.

“A strong perimeter is important for the security of the premises. You should remember, though, that it should be part of an overall security plan.

“Connection for response and a small alarm system within the building are worth considering seriously as part of your security plan,” he said.

“The number of robberies has been steadily increasing. The more security systems and devices you can install the safer you and your property are likely to be,” he said.