Environmentalists pissed off by Jah Prayzah’s association with Pokugara Estates


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Yesterday, popular musician, Mukudzei Mukombe aka Jah Prayzah posted on his Twitter handle that he had purchased a residential stand at Pokugara Estate in Borrowdale, Harare.

“We have made up our mind, my wife and I have decided to purchase this piece of land at Pokugara Residential Estate in Borrowdale. I will continue to show you more amazing options from @WestPropZim. You can do it too,” wrote Jah Prayzah.

His legion of fans rushed to congratulate him but environmentalists however reminded the popular musician that the area was largely contested since it was on a wetland and building on it was going to impact water availability in Harare.

Some of the commentators reminded the musician that it was unethical for him to be associated with activities that are impacting negatively on water availability, and ultimately human life in Harare.

Below are some of the comments;

Dorothy Wakeling, “With respect Jah Prayzah, your community protects its wetlands in Uzumba so why would you destroy a wetland in Borrowdale, Harare by building your own house on it? Rather promote the preservation of Harare’s wetlands including the iconic Borrowdale Vlei, for water for all.”

Orphah Ruzvidzo, “The area is in dispute though. The whole area is a wetland that was helping Vainona and Mt Pleasant residents with underground water recharge and water quality of their borehole. It’s OK, you are showing domination. Nature loses, humans win.”

Harry Davies, “Regrettably, the whole area is on disputed land obtained by developers through corrupt means. Developing that wetland will seriously impact the quality and quantity of Harare’s water supply. You should pull out of the deal Sir. They are using your profile to very bad ends.”

Ashirayi Maphosa, “Sadly it’s not talked about enough (wetlands issues) and they keep building.”

3XMaSpaghets, “Muchageza nei? (Where are you going to get bathing water?). You know that place is being built on a wetland due to corruption. Groundwater for boreholes for the area can’t be replenished if you have built all over it. Also, this area has not had city water for 16-25 years. Why contribute towards what is already a water crisis?”

Environmentalists are concerned over the continuous destruction of wetlands which is impacting negatively on water supply in Harare.

Harare is located on its headwater wetlands and relies on the wetlands for water supply.