Fake Satiskin Bath Foam Alert: MedTech Warns Public of Counterfeit Products

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Writes Reginald Tapfumaneyi
Medtech, the company behind the popular bath foam, Satiskin, is urging consumers to be cautious after uncovering a counterfeiting operation in Harare’s Mbare district.
Satsking CEO, Mr. Afzal Motiwala, issued a warning, following a tip that their premium product was being illegally manufactured and sold.
“We immediately informed the police upon learning about the fake Satiskin,” Motiwala stated. “Their assistance led to a raid on the production facility in Mbare.”
Mr. Gashirai Nyemba, company spokesperson, accompanied the police during the raid. He described a tense encounter where “the perpetrators became aggressive towards us and the police. Luckily, we escaped before things escalated, but we managed to seize the counterfeit products.”
This incident highlights the dangers of counterfeit goods, which often don’t meet safety standards and can cause serious skin problems. Medtech urges consumers to be vigilant and look out for the following signs of fake Satiskin:
– Mismatched Lids: The lid color should match the product variant.
– Damaged Packaging: Avoid scratched or damaged bottles.
– Incorrect Aroma: Original Satiskin has a distinct fragrance aligned with the packaging description.
– Watery Consistency: The genuine Satiskin has a thicker viscosity.
– Skin Reactions: Original Satiskin is pH balanced and shouldn’t cause irritation. Report any reactions to MedTech with proof of purchase and batch number.
By staying informed and being wary of these warning signs, consumers can protect themselves from the health risks and inferior quality associated with counterfeit products. Remember, protecting your skin and supporting legitimate businesses is crucial, so choose wisely!