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Festive season prizes galore in “Pinda Manake ne NetOne” promotion

Pinda Manake ne NetOne

Giant mobile telephony company, NetOne Pvt Ltd’s “Pinda Manake ne NetOne” Christmas promotion demonstrates the institution’s commitment to spreading joy, transforming lives, and making a positive impact in marginalised communities.

The “Pinda Manake ne NetOne” Christmas promotion brings to the fore NetOne’s eagerness to plough back some of the fruits of its enterprise back to the community.

Mr. Learnmore Musunda, NetOne’s General Manager, speaking on behalf of Group Chief Executive Officer, Eng Raphael Mushanawani, reiterated NetOne’s commitment to supporting marginalized communities through various initiatives, including grocery donations.

He said the promotion not only brings joy and excitement to its customers but also reinforces the company’s dedication to making a positive impact in society.

Mr. Musunda said the “Pinda Manake ne NetOne” Christmas promotion offers customers a chance to win incredible prizes by simply recharging their accounts with 1 USD or more.

By participating, customers can anticipate the following:

Grocery Voucher Prizes:

Every day, 100 lucky individuals will have the opportunity to win grocery vouchers worth 30 USD from popular stores like OK, Bon Marche, and Food Lovers. These vouchers will be awarded from Monday to Friday and will be valid for an impressive duration of 3 months. Mr. L. Musunda, the General Manager of NetOne Pvt Ltd, expresses his excitement about the promotion, stating, “We are thrilled to give our customers a very Merry Christmas and a refreshing Back To School Season with these amazing grocery voucher prizes. It is our way of showing gratitude to our loyal customers.”

Solar System Rewards: 

NetOne takes its commitment to sustainable living seriously by awarding 3 individuals each month with a complete 5KVA solar system. This includes batteries, panels, and an inverter, providing the winners with a reliable and renewable energy source.

Mr. Musunda adds, “We believe in providing our customers with long-term benefits, and these solar system rewards are a testament to that commitment. We aim to transform lives by bringing sustainable energy solutions to our customers’ homes.”

Borehole Drilling and Installation:

Recognizing the importance of access to clean water, NetOne is presenting 3 individuals each month with the valuable opportunity to win borehole drilling and installation services. This contribution will bring reliable water sources to selected communities for 3 months. By providing this essential resource, NetOne aims to uplift and empower disadvantaged communities.

Mr. Musunda emphasizes, “Through our borehole prizes, we are not only providing access to clean water but also supporting the communities in their journey towards self-sufficiency.”

Supporting the Albinism Community:

NetOne’s commitment to assisting disadvantaged communities extends beyond the promotion itself. Recently, the company made a significant contribution to individuals living with Albinism in Gokwe, Gweru, Shurugwi, and Zvishavane. By donating sunscreen lotions, NetOne aims to combat stigmatization and provide support to this vulnerable community.

Mr. Musunda highlights the importance of this initiative, saying, “We believe in inclusivity and equality, and our donation of creams and lotions to individuals living with albinism reflects our commitment to fighting stigmatization. NetOne is proud to play a role in assisting and empowering this community.”

NetOne Pvt Ltd’s “Pinda Manake ne NetOne” Christmas promotion exemplifies the company’s commitment to spreading joy, transforming lives, and making a positive impact in disadvantaged communities.

With exciting prizes such as grocery vouchers, solar systems, and borehole services, NetOne is actively contributing to the well-being and empowerment of its customers.

Additionally, the company’s support for the Albinism community further underscores its dedication to inclusivity and equality. As customers participate in this promotion, they join NetOne in creating a brighter future for all.

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