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First Lady raps female drug peddlers

First Lady Dr Auxillia Mnangagwa on the first day of the Nhanga Gota Male Engagement Forum

By Lovemore Chazingwa

Losing heart to the extent of destroying a life that one initially sired with love and guarded over the years has become an abomination among some morally rotten women in our society, First Lady Dr. Auxillia Mnangagwa has observed.

The First Lady made the remarks at the occasion of her Nhanga/Gota Male Engagement Forum held in Kadoma Tuesday before last.

“When you look at what is happening, the youths are drowning in drugs misled by the false notion that their stress is solved. A child might go to school after experiencing first-hand gender-based violence (GBV) or abuse. That child is withdrawn in class or at school generally. When the other cheeky one notices this, they may offer them these drugs and make them believe it’s the way out of trouble. Once they are hooked on drugs, it becomes an addiction that is taking all their effort on progress away. But, you are more disturbed by that woman along the street who sells drugs to these youths. They are a shame. As a mother, remember the day you were in labour on that very child. You toiled to care for them into the person they are today. What has gone into you to want to destroy a life that you brought to earth? Don’t be heartless as a woman. You are supposed to be the leading light in our society.”

She bemoaned unwanted pregnancies and early child marriages.

“I’ve travelled the length and breadth of the country. In most instances you find little boys and girls engaging in some discussion. You wonder what they are always talking about. Some as young as Grade Threes want to engage in love relationships. You’re at a loss of words.”

The Ministry of Health Ambassador shared an example of a sad love story she was informed about.

“I have a story that was narrated to me at one of these similar engagements in another part of the country. A young girl said she was dating a young adult. The girl was impregnated by the boy. When she eloped with him, the young adult chickened out on responsibility. The girl found that she was not the only one who had been impregnated. The young man disappeared, leaving the two girls at his parents’ home. The girl who poured out said she eventually returned to her biological parents as there was nothing for her at that boy’s homestead.”

Pensively adding: “It’s the same young minds that may impregnate each other without planning for it. When the girl elopes, the task may be too big for the boy who often dumps the girl in the hands of his parents. Such behaviour needs to come to an end,” said First Lady Dr. Mnangagwa.

After her speech, she asked men and women to pour out their concerns which normally lead to GBV and the breakdown of marriages.

From among the responses, some men took a swipe at women who are too demanding and unappreciative.

“My wife wants me to come home with things l can’t get. They are just greedy. They want to live a life that they view in movies. That, in my view, has contributed to our social fabric decay,” said one gentleman.

A woman who caused a stir among the male-dominated crowd said, “I can’t be beaten forever. If he thinks beating me up is the solution to our marriage problems, then l will stand up to him and retaliate. He will pay dearly for his actions,” she boldly declared.

Before facing the crowd, First Lady had a secret caucus with young boys and girls, from primary and secondary schools, to get a feel of their concerns.

The Health Ambassador has been taking her crusade to all parts of the country to stem GBV, stamp drug and substance abuse, nip out early child marriages, address abuse in all its forms, build a happy family unit, and the restorative cultural values in general.

The Male Engagement Forum was one to discuss social ills that are taking a toll on our nation.

An engagement in the same fashion was dedicated to women the following day.

These engagements have already been held in seven other provinces across the country.

Her visit to Mashonaland West is the eighth in her bid to cover all the ten provinces.

Most chiefs from the seven districts of Mashonaland West province led by Senator, Chief Ngezi graced the event.

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