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Flash disc, cash thieves dragged to court

Flash disc

By Abigail Mzimbawakhe (Midlands Correspondent)

Two juveniles from Gokwe North who sold a flash disc that they had stolen were recently arraigned before Magistrate Shotgame Masaiwona after it was found with a man from their neighborhood.

It is alleged that Principal Tatenda Makumbirofa was found with the flash disc that matched the one that was stolen. After interrogation by detectives, he implicated the accused juveniles who gave him the flash disc to search for buyers.

It is in the state’s case that two juveniles (names withheld) from Gokwe North under Chief Chireya entered Mabwe Bottle Sstore through the roof and stole a Nokia Asher cell phone and cash amounting to $1100-00 bond notes.

“Whilst inside, accused number one proceeded to the storeroom and ransacked everything inside before locating and stealing cash amounting to $1100-00 bond notes that was hidden underneath a crate,” he said.

It is in the state’s case that the accused went to the bottlestole when the complaint Vivian Mangwana (40) and her workmate Isaac Chiremba had left the bottlestole.

According to state papers accused number one then exited the storeroom and went to the bottlestore where he stole a Nokia Asher, a grey Nokia cellphone, $35-00 bond coins for token, $22-00 bond coins for deposits, a DSTV remote control and a flash disc.

Accused person number one was arrested leading to the recovery of a black Samsung tablet that amounted to $500 bond notes.

The accused were charged for theft and unlawful entry into premises.

Romeo Zibani prosecuted.

The duo was remanded in prison for further investigation.

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