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Former PHD Ministries’s Overseer Starts Own Church

Former Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries overseer Richard Kuipa has started his own ministry known as, Light World Embassy. The ministry has a strong presence on the social media microblogging site, Facebook, where postings such as pictures and videos show that Apostle Kuipa has been holding services for several months now, and these include healing and deliverance services.

Apostle Kuipa has also penned a book , titled Rebirth, which is also being marketed through the Lightworld Embassy Facebook site. Judging by the followings and interest being garnered by the site he has already amassed a strong following.

 Richard Kuipa, was with PHD from conception and he served as an Overseer of the ministries. He was one of the closest lieutenants of Prophet Walter Magaya, travelling with him to neighbouring countries during PHD Ministries outreach.

It is not clear whether the departure of one of PHD’s key member was due to acrimony with the founder and leader Prophet Walter Magaya or he left and went on to start a separate church with the blessing of Prophet Magaya.

It is also important to note that he is not the only one to leave PHD Ministries and start his own ministry as Overseer Ishmael Chitiyo also left and went on to start FBI Ministries. This may be indicative of there having been bad blood between the PHD leader Walter Magaya and his closest lieutenants. On the other hand, the overseers may have broken rank and file out of their calling and with the blessing of Prophet Walter Magaya, although this is highly improbable.

Efforts to get comments from Prophet Walter Magaya or from his his media team were futile at the time of going to print.

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