FOZEU attends High level engagement with Minister of Education and Permanent Secretary

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The Federation of Zimbabwe Educators Union of Zimbabwe  (FOZEU) attended a high-level meeting with Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Dr Torerai Moyo, Permanent Secretary, Moses Mhike, and Deputy Minister, Mrs. Angeline Gata, convened by ECOZI.
The meeting was meant to foster dialogue on the State of the education sector and create a rapport between the Ministry and Teachers Unions.
The Federation highlighted the urgent need to align public sector labour laws to the National Constitution so that Civil Servants may enjoy the right to job actions, the right to collective bargaining, and absolute paid maternity leave among others.
FOZEU lamented poor working conditions and pathetic salaries and recommended US$1 260 as the minimum wage.
FOZEU made the following proposals.
1.  Finalization of the Curriculum review process. The minister promised to announce on Tuesday, hinting at the possibility of scrapping CALA or reducing the number of tasks.
2.  ZIMSEC invigilation allowances. The Minister promised to push for the payments.
3.  Internet in a box. The Ministry to adopt the innovation and prioritize rural schools.
4.  Education equalization fund for bridging school deficits. The Permanent Secretary promised to explore means of setting up the fund.
5. schools to be constructed this year using Treasury disbursement. Rural Electrification fund and Universal Service Fund to prioritise Schools.
6.  Rural hardship allowance. Minister to lobby Public Service Commission to pay an allowance commensurate with the hardships.
FOZEU presented the case of 8 policies that are not being fully implemented in the education system. The policies are state-funded Education, Sexual Reproduction Health Rights, Continued education for pregnant girls, School feeding programs, handling sexual abuse, gender equality, and corporal punishment.
The Minister and Permanent Secretary promised the following:
State Funded Education
Disbursement of BEAM funds is to be done timeously through the establishment of a special inter-ministerial committee. The government is to continue working on modalities to cater to all deserving students. The FOZEU insists that the government should fully fund basic education as prescribed by section 75 of the constitution.
Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights
The Ministry will disburse sanitary pads to girls and will further initiate a process of producing sanitary pads at the school level. The FOZEU is concerned that funds disbursed from the Treasury for sanitary pads are not reaching targeted beneficiaries. The FOZEU will be tracking the sanitary pads budget.
Continued Education for Pregnant girls
Ministry welcomed the monitoring exercise being done by ARTUZ and further urged Unions to fight the stigma attached to pregnant girls who want to continue their education. The FOZEU will continue monitoring reentry and further amplify awareness of the progressive policy.
Schools feeding program
There is an allocation for school feeding to be disbursed. The Ministry will strengthen production of food supplements at the school level. The Federation will monitor disbursement.
Handling Sexual Abuse cases
The policy on sexual harassment is to be popularized.
Gender Equality
Ministry Gender policy to be popularized.
Corporal punishment
Corporal punishment is unlawful and teachers to adopt progressive measures of instilling discipline among learners.
The Federation welcomes these meetings which are set to be routinely held to review progress and co-create solutions to the education Crisis.