Fred’s ABWA on recovery path to empower locals

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The African Business Women Association (ABWA), a local initiative led by prominent businesswoman, Dr. Shamiso Fred is on a path to recovery to bring more players on board. The local initiative is set to benefit both local and international partners.

Speaking to Reuters, a lady identified as Norah, who is also the company’s Public Relations Officer made it clear that the project will benefit both local and international players.

She said there is confidence among partners that the initiative will be restored to its former glory. Local markets need ABWA on board to guarantee suppliers to consumers and also meets target for both local and regional markets. Zimbabwe is privileged to have the local initiative on board for the benefit of local markets, creation of employment, the flow of income to the national fiscus in form of taxes, supply of local suppliers, breeding local empowerment projects, promotion of local content, and building a broader inclusive approach for investors and international partners.

Many players were optimistic that Dr. Fred would revive the initiative and Zimbabwe markets could not afford to have ABWA out of the race. The project has benefitted many communities with some receiving funding for their initiatives, building clinics, and hospitals, and assisting orphans in Harare and Chishawasha.

The project was set to fund tertiary institutions in the Agriculture area. Apart from supplying dairy products, ABWA is set to establish an institution for fellowship programs and exchange programs for both local and international partners. The project will facilitate short courses for women set to benefit their communities.

The programs will be affiliated with local institutions and the University of Zimbabwe, for collaboration and credibility of the framework. Dr. Shamiso Fred, one of the products of local economic empowerment, has led a number of similar ventures both on local and international platforms.

Fred, through her experience, is set to revive the institution for targeted growth. Apart from her experience in the corporate world, she managed to source strategic funds for different communities in many parts of the country, including the donation of ambulances to the health sector.

She was a Consular General for Zimbabwe in the United Arab Emirates where she established Trading and Investment opportunities between the Middle East and Zimbabwe Government. She contributed positively towards strategic engagements which gave birth to a number of local projects which were commissioned by the Government of Zimbabwe.

Contacted for comment, the ABWA Founder and Chief Executive reiterated that she has assembled an experienced team that will lead the project and ensures it meets local and international standards.

“We have learned some few lessons, we have done much reflection on those who felt we must be out of the picture, but definitely, we will get there and achieve our goals,” thundered the founder of ABWA.

The local tycoon’s rise to prominence was a result of hard work, self-determination, and humility as a pillar toward her achievement. Despite a few minor setbacks, she has remained committed to nation-building and a positive contribution towards vision 2030.

ABWA is one of the local empowerment projects with solid structure and performance and this makes it difficult for any individual to break it. Impeccable sources who visited the offices have confirmed the resuming of the project, and there was normalcy at the premises. There was a lot of zeal from the new team which has already occupied the building, and they have promised to live up to people’s expectations.