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Garry Mapanzure, Soko Matemai Wax Lyrical on We Party All Night

Song Details

Title: We Party All Night

  • Artists: Rymez, Garry Mapanzure, Soko Matemai
  • Producers: Rymez
  • Composers: Rodney Hwingwiri, Garry Mapanzure, Marshall Muchenje
  • ISRC Code: ZA-56E-20-01228

Girl I’m in love with you
If we meet to part, then let’s party boo
And I’ll depart with you
Cause this right here is just me and you
And you feel it too

For the sixth single release from the Pungwe Sessions Vol. II Zimbabwean crooner Garry Mapanzure who is riding high off the success of his recently released Sushi Season EP and Wapunza links up with Soko Matemai on We Party All Night. The bouncy Afro Caribbean styled song sees Mapanzure doing what is now synonymous with his brand as he melodiously declares his love for a woman and their future.

Soko Matemai continues to impress and display his versatility on this song as he delivers a smooth verse to compliment the song’s tone that features lines like

Lemme be the one just to wipe off your tears
Side by side we can face all our fears
I could never ever, ever walk  away from all of this
So I’m keeping all my promises

About Pungwe Sessions

In 2014  Point Black and its African Hip Hop Blog brand partnered with Rymez on a collaborative project called Pungwe Sessions . The goal was to showcase Zimbabwe’s best Hip Hop talent by leveraging The African Hip Hop Blog’s and Rymez’ collective reach and relationships to maximise exposure. The first single titled “Phil Chiyangwa” by Jnr Brown held the top spot on the ZiFM Urban Chart for 10 weeks. 3 more singles were released from the EP. All 4 singles on The Pungwe Sessions charted on various radio stations in Zimbabwe.

They have been playlisted on various radio stations in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Zambia, Namibia, Australia and, The USA as well as playlisting on 2 seasons of the Big Brother Africa reality show. The artists involved with the project were able to draw direct economic benefits from the project via publishing royalties and performance bookings.

With Pungwe Sessions Vol. II which is supported in partnership with Goethe Institut and The Zimbabwean German Society, Point Black, and Rymez are looking to follow up on the success of the first project and create more impact for the artists involved. Pungwe Sessions Vol. II is a collaborative album that hopes to elevate Zimbabwean musicians via education, collaboration, and promotion

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Byron Adonis Mutingwende