Gender Links funds SRHR project in Chitungwiza


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The Youth Aspire Development Trust (YADT)  is working tirelessly to empower young people and promote sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) in Chitungwiza with the support of Gender Links funding.
Chitungwiza has a population of over 365,000 people, with a significant portion being young people. However, like many other communities in Zimbabwe, young people in Chitungwiza face various challenges when it comes to their SRHR. Limited access to information and services, societal stigma and discrimination, and lack of youth-friendly spaces are just some of the barriers they face.
However, YADT is working hard to break down these barriers and create a safe and inclusive environment for young people to access SRHR services and information. And with support from Gender Links, their impact has multiplied.
Gender Links is a regional organization that works towards gender equality and empowerment in Southern Africa. They provide funding and support to grassroots organizations like YADT, which are doing vital work at the community level.
With this funding, YADT has been able to expand its reach and impact in Chitungwiza. They have been able to establish more youth-friendly spaces, conduct outreach programs in schools and communities, and provide training and workshops on SRHR.
One of their most significant achievements has been the establishment of the Chitungwiza Youth Centre. This space provides a haven for young people to access information on SRHR, receive counseling services, and participate in various recreational activities. The center also serves as a meeting place for youth-led advocacy and awareness campaigns on SRHR.
Through the center, YADT has been able to reach more young people in Chitungwiza and provide them with much-needed SRHR education and support. They have also been able to break down the stigma surrounding SRHR and create a supportive community for young people to discuss and learn about these crucial issues.
But their impact goes beyond just the youth center. YADT has also conducted numerous outreach programs in schools and communities, reaching over 3,000 young people. These programs focus on educating young people about their sexual and reproductive health and rights, as well as providing them with information on contraception, HIV/AIDS prevention, and gender-based violence.
One of their most significant successes has been the formation of youth clubs in schools, where students can openly discuss and learn about SRHR. These clubs provide a safe space for young people to ask questions, share experiences, and receive support from their peers. This has not only increased knowledge and awareness of SRHR but has also empowered young people to take control of their health and well-being.
YADT has also been conducting training workshops for young people, equipping them with skills and knowledge on SRHR advocacy and leadership. This has empowered these young individuals to become change agents in their communities, advocating for better access to SRHR services and challenging harmful societal norms and practices.
One such youth leader is Tariro (name changed for privacy), a 21-year-old who has been working closely with YADT since its inception. She shares her experience of how YADT’s work has impacted her life:
“Before joining YADT, I had very little knowledge about sexual and reproductive health. However, through their training workshops and discussions at the youth center, I have learned so much about my rights as a young woman. I used to feel ashamed talking about these issues, but now I feel confident to speak up and educate others in my community. I am grateful for the work YADT is doing, and I am proud to be a part of it.”
YADT’s work has not only impacted young people but also the wider community.