Give one of Mugabe’s 21 farms to Tsvangirai family: ZEFF

The Zimbabwe Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has applauded President Emmerson Mnangagwa for assigning Lands Minister Perence Shiri to identify a farm to give to the late former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s family.

“We as a party which stands for economic freedom and for landless people believe that these are correct steps by the new government in its promises that they are looking towards empowering every Zimbabwean despite political affiliations. The country suffered under the monstrous rule of former president Robert Mugabe who segregated our people and only rewarded those who worshipped him with the land which was fought for by our fathers.

“As a fast growing party we will continue calling for and fighting for “One man, one farm” policy unapologetic.We are also urging the Lands Minister Perence Shiri to speed up this process as delegated by President ED in identifying a farm for the Tsvangirai family. As a party we have already identified one farm and made easier job for Lands Minister- he should just take one of Mugabe’s 21 farms and give it over to the late Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai,” said said Innocent Ndibali, the ZEFF President.

The ZEFF said if the government wanted Zimbabweans to it seriously, they should first consider redistributing that land which Mugabe redistributed to himself.


“We believe Mr Tsvangirai is the doyen of democracy and by giving him one of Mugabe’s 21 farms, it will be an honour to his spirit and legacy as he fought for a just Zimbabwe where every citizen is treated equal.

We would like to call upon the war veteranss, MDC-T, NPP, PDP and fellow Zimbabweans to join our call in challenging the government to give to Mr Tsvangirai’s family one of Mr Mugabe’s 21 farms as a way of thanking him for paving a way for democracy in our country.”

The ZEFF challenged the government official who blew up the whistle on Mr Mugabe to provide more details on the names of the farms and their locations.

Last month the state-owned the Herald newspaper quoted a government official who said, “There is an issue of farms that they (Mugabes) have been leasing to whites. Here was a President who was preaching one-person, one-farm, but who has 21 farms. But a good number which was being leased to white farmers. And he knows that the new Government will have to want to choose one out of the 21. But some of his investments, including the dairy and the children’s project, were benefiting from a blurred accounting system between those business propositions and State coffers. Now, they are worried that unless they recapture State power, all those projects will crumble.”

The party hailed Ministers Lt-Gen (Rtd) SB Moyo and Chinamasa for working tirelessly in marketing the country to the international community led and delegated by the president ED Mnangagwa.

ZEFF said their effort of reversing the damage that was done by Mr Mugabe is appreciated and all citizens must come together and help them in re-constructing the country.

Ndibali said 2018 marks the ushering of a new dispensation committed to the opening of new markets and business opportunities and investment opportunities with an emphasis on foreign direct investment where the Zimbabwean Diaspora plays a critical role.

“Not only that, under the new dispensation we have witnessed the relentless and aggressive pursuit of a foreign policy that has a potential of attracting billions in terms of investment, with the Chinese having already made a commitment to this effects. We recognise the commencement of the Egodini Project which had stalled under the previous administration and we wish to challenge the incumbent to reopen the Zambezi Water Project with a commitment to see its completion within a reasonable timeframe. Furthermore, we recognise the invitation of Zimbabwe to again join the Commonwealth countries and this in our view is a move in the right direction. Zimbabwe is not an isolated state; it belongs to the community of nations. The EFF applauds these interventions and commits itself to working with the government in ensuring the total transformation of the lives of the people of Zimbabwe.”